20 Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

The English language is full of abstract nouns, which are words that name things that cannot be seen or touched. Abstract nouns can describe ideas, emotions, and qualities. While most nouns refer to concrete things like cars or chairs, abstract nouns are much more difficult to visualize. This article will provide twenty examples of abstract nouns used in sentences to help you understand how they work.

20 Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

  1. Her ego was boosted significantly by winning the prize.
  2. She was extremely sensitive in her sensitivity.
  3. In this bad weather, I don’t envy your journey.
  4. As she drove, a dangerous tiredness crept over her.
  5. Joanna exudes natural elegance and grace.
  6. The fear of ills outnumbers the ills we are afraid of.
  7. When they saw my new car, they were envious.
  8. Anger, jealousy, and pain drove him insane.
  9. Excessive tiredness while driving has the potential to be fatal.
  10. Evil comes to those who think evilly.
  11. Kindness is the ray of sunshine in a person’s life.
  12. The decision was made at an unexpected surprise.
  13. Wisdom and maturity aren’t always synonymous.
  14. Patience is a valuable asset.
  15. She felt the warmth of his love.
  16. The children’s laughter filled her with joy.
  17. He couldn’t hide the sadness in his eyes.
  18. His fists clenched in anger.
  19. Fear paralyzed her in the face of danger.
  20. She summoned the courage to face her fears.

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20 Examples of abstract nouns in Sentences

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