5 Examples of Appositive Phrases

5 Examples of Appositive Phrases!

What is an Appositive Phrase?

An appositive phrase is a noun phrase that renames or explains another noun or a noun phrase in a sentence. It provides additional information about the noun it follows and is usually set off by commas.

For example, in the sentence “My friend, a talented artist, painted a beautiful portrait,” the appositive phrase is “a talented artist,” which renames or describes the noun “my friend.”

Another example is “The teacher, Mrs. Johnson, is very strict,” where “Mrs. Johnson” is the appositive phrase that renames the noun “the teacher.”

Appositives can provide useful information to help clarify and enhance the meaning of a sentence.

Appositive phrases add depth and clarity to our writing. They are like little gifts that help us to explain ourselves more effectively.

5 Examples of Appositive Phrases

  1. My favorite teacher, Mr. White, is back.
  2. Our dog, Ginger, was hit by a car.
  3. His father, a very strong man, has hit me hard.
  4. Our Family Doctor, Miss Alen, is a very kind lady.
  5. Your mother, a really nice lady, called me a child.

5 examples of appositive phrases

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