Top 30 Words Related to Work

Work is an essential part of human life that involves physical or mental effort to achieve a goal or produce something. It can take on various forms and exist in multiple settings, including offices, factories, and digital platforms.

Words Related to Work

Here are the top 30 terms related to Work with meanings:

  1. Employment – The state of being employed for wages.
  2. Job – A paid position that involves regular tasks.
  3. Career – A long-term professional life or occupation.
  4. Salary – Fixed regular payment for work, usually monthly.
  5. Wage – Payment based on hourly work or specific tasks.
  6. Task – A specific piece of work to be completed.
  7. Deadline – The time by which something must be finished.
  8. Responsibility – The duty or obligation to complete work.
  9. Productivity – Efficiency in producing results or output.
  10. Skill – The ability to perform a task well.
  11. Effort – Mental or physical energy used in doing work.
  12. Project – A planned set of interrelated tasks.
  13. Team – A group working together to achieve a goal.
  14. Management – The process of controlling resources.
  15. Freelance – Self-employed and not committed to an employer.
  16. Position – Job title or role within a company.
  17. Overtime – Working beyond normal hours.
  18. Experience – Knowledge gained through work or study.
  19. Occupation – Regular activity or job, generally for pay.
  20. Coworker – Someone with whom one works.
  21. Contract – Legal agreement between employer and employee.
  22. Vacation – Scheduled break from regular work.
  23. Retirement – Withdrawal from work after reaching a certain age.
  24. Training – Learning skills or knowledge for work.
  25. Internship – A period of work experience, often unpaid.
  26. Promotion – Advancement in job position or rank.
  27. Unemployment – State of being without work but seeking it.
  28. Performance – How well a job or task is completed.
  29. Shift – A period of work with a start and end time.
  30. Workplace – The location where work is done.

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