Top 30 Words Related to Wool

Wool is a natural fiber that comes from the fleece of sheep and other animals. It has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes including clothing, upholstery, and even insulation. Wool is known for its warmth, resilience, and natural water resistance. Understanding the vocabulary related to wool can help in appreciating its applications and quality.

Words Related to Wool

Here are the top 30 terms related to Wool with meanings:

  1. Sheep: The animal that primarily provides wool.
  2. Fleece: The coat of wool shorn from a sheep.
  3. Spinning: The process of turning wool fibers into yarn.
  4. Yarn: Continuous strands of wool fibers used in knitting.
  5. Weaving: Creating fabric by interlacing yarn.
  6. Knitting: Forming fabric by interlocking yarn loops.
  7. Merino: A breed of sheep known for high-quality wool.
  8. Cashmere: Wool from the cashmere goat; very soft.
  9. Carding: The process of preparing wool for spinning.
  10. Felting: Matting wool fibers into a dense fabric.
  11. Worsted: Combed wool yarn of high quality.
  12. Loom: Equipment used for weaving yarn into fabric.
  13. Staple: A term for the length of individual wool fibers.
  14. Mohair: Wool from the Angora goat; silk-like.
  15. Lanolin: Grease from wool, often used in cosmetics.
  16. Twill: A type of woven fabric often made from wool.
  17. Shearing: The act of cutting the fleece from sheep.
  18. Dyeing: Adding color to wool fibers or fabric.
  19. Thread: Finer form of yarn used in sewing.
  20. Ply: The number of strands in a yarn.
  21. Blend: Fabric made from mixing wool with other fibers.
  22. Angora: Wool from the Angora rabbit; fluffy and soft.
  23. Tartan: A pattern often seen in woolen fabric.
  24. Pilling: Small balls forming on the surface of wool.
  25. Herringbone: A V-shaped weaving pattern in wool.
  26. Woolmark: A logo certifying the quality of wool.
  27. Raw: Wool as sheared, not yet processed.
  28. Fulling: Process of cleaning and thickening woolen cloth.
  29. Spinner: A person who spins wool into yarn.
  30. Tuft: A small bunch of wool fibers.

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