Top 30 Words Related to Trucking

Trucking is an essential part of the global supply chain, responsible for the transportation of a wide range of goods. A deep understanding of trucking terminology can not only enhance your knowledge of the logistics industry but also provide insight into how goods reach their final destination.

Words Related to Trucking

Here are the top 30 terms related to trucking with meanings:

  1. Freight: Goods transported in bulk by truck.
  2. Logistics: The management of the flow of goods, including trucking.
  3. Semi-Truck: A truck with a detachable trailer for hauling freight.
  4. Carrier: A company that provides trucking services.
  5. Payload: The weight of the cargo that a truck is carrying.
  6. Haul: The act or process of transporting goods by truck.
  7. Route: A predetermined course taken by a truck.
  8. Trailer: A detachable carriage for hauling goods.
  9. Flatbed: A type of trailer with a flat, open bed.
  10. Consignee: The person or location where goods are to be delivered.
  11. Consignor: The sender of goods by truck.
  12. Reefer: A refrigerated trailer for transporting perishable items.
  13. Cab: The front part of a truck where the driver sits.
  14. Axle: A shaft between the wheels of a truck.
  15. Deadhead: Driving a truck empty after delivering goods.
  16. Overhead: Operational costs in a trucking business.
  17. Bill of Lading: A legal document detailing goods being transported.
  18. Tariff: A list of fees for shipping services.
  19. LTL (Less than Truckload): Shipping method for smaller cargo.
  20. Fuel Surcharge: Extra charge added due to fluctuating fuel prices.
  21. Dispatcher: A person coordinating the flow of trucks and shipments.
  22. Telematics: Use of GPS and technology in managing truck fleets.
  23. Intermodal: Involving multiple modes of transportation including trucking.
  24. Load Board: An online marketplace for freight and truck services.
  25. E-Log: Electronic record of a truck driver’s working hours.
  26. Rig: Another term for a truck, often used for larger vehicles.
  27. Owner-Operator: An individual who owns and operates his or her own truck.
  28. Tandem: Two axles grouped together in a truck.
  29. Odometer: Device measuring the distance traveled by a truck.
  30. Gross Weight: The total weight of the truck, including cargo.

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