Top 30 Words Related to Tropical

Tropical refers to regions of the Earth near the equator characterized by warm temperatures and high levels of precipitation. It is often associated with lush landscapes, exotic wildlife, and vibrant cultures. Knowing the vocabulary related to tropical areas can enhance your understanding of the subject.

Words Related to Tropical

Here are the top 30 terms related to Tropical with meanings:

  1. Equator: Imaginary line around Earth equally distant from poles
  2. Humidity: Amount of moisture in the air
  3. Rainforest: Forest with high annual rainfall
  4. Monsoon: Seasonal wind bringing heavy rainfall
  5. Savanna: Tropical grassland with scattered trees
  6. Coral Reef: Underwater structure made of coral
  7. Mangrove: Coastal vegetation in tidal areas
  8. Tropics: Areas between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
  9. Latitude: Horizontal lines on a map indicating distance from equator
  10. Typhoon: Tropical cyclone in the Northwestern Pacific
  11. Equatorial: Related to the equator or nearby regions
  12. Exotic: Originating from a foreign country, often tropical
  13. Climate: Overall weather conditions of a place over time
  14. Fauna: Animal life in a particular region
  15. Flora: Plant life in a particular region
  16. Archipelago: Chain or cluster of islands
  17. Island: Land mass surrounded by water
  18. Palm Tree: Tropical tree with a tall, slender trunk
  19. Beach: Shoreline of a body of water, usually sandy
  20. Ecosystem: Community of living organisms and their environment
  21. Canopy: Upper layer of a forest, formed by treetops
  22. Biodiversity: Variety of plant and animal species in an area
  23. Coastline: Land along the sea or ocean
  24. Jungle: Dense, often impenetrable, forest in tropical areas
  25. Lagoon: Shallow body of water separated from the sea
  26. Tidal: Relating to tides of the ocean
  27. Isthmus: Narrow strip of land connecting two larger areas
  28. Sunset: Time when the sun disappears below the horizon
  29. Fruit: Seed-bearing part of a plant, often edible
  30. Toucan: Tropical bird with a large, colorful beak

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