Top 30 Words Related to Wedding

Weddings are joyous occasions that mark the union of two people in love. They involve various rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations, each with its own significance. Understanding the vocabulary associated with weddings can help you navigate through such an event more easily and meaningfully.

Words Related to Wedding

Here are the top 30 terms related to weddings with meanings:

  1. Bride – The woman getting married.
  2. Groom – The man getting married.
  3. Ceremony – The formal event where vows are exchanged.
  4. Reception – The celebratory gathering after the ceremony.
  5. Vows – Promises made between the bride and groom.
  6. Rings – Circular jewelry exchanged to symbolize commitment.
  7. Officiant – The person who leads the wedding ceremony.
  8. Bridesmaids – Female friends and relatives who support the bride.
  9. Groomsmen – Male friends and relatives who support the groom.
  10. Matron of Honor – Married woman assisting the bride.
  11. Best Man – A close male friend or relative of the groom.
  12. Aisle – The path the bride walks down during the ceremony.
  13. Altar – The place where the bride and groom stand during the ceremony.
  14. Bouquet – A collection of flowers carried by the bride.
  15. Chapel – A place where wedding ceremonies are conducted.
  16. Veil – A piece of cloth worn by the bride over her face.
  17. Nuptials – The wedding ceremony and related festivities.
  18. Invitations – Formal requests to attend the wedding.
  19. Registry – A list of gifts that the couple would like to receive.
  20. Honeymoon – A vacation taken by newlyweds after the wedding.
  21. Toast – A speech or tribute in honor of the couple.
  22. Favors – Small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation.
  23. RSVP – A request for guests to confirm their attendance.
  24. Engagement – The period before marriage when the couple is committed.
  25. Marriage License – Legal document permitting the marriage.
  26. Tuxedo – Formal men’s wear usually worn by the groom.
  27. Bridal Shower – A pre-wedding party for the bride.
  28. Cake – A decorated dessert served at the reception.
  29. First Dance – The couple’s initial dance at the reception.
  30. Wedding Planner – A professional who organizes the wedding.

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