Top 30 Words Related to Addition

In the realm of mathematics, addition stands as a fundamental operation, enabling the combination of numbers to yield new values. This compilation highlights the top 30 words intimately related to addition, each word accompanied by a concise definition to aid in understanding this essential mathematical concept.

Top 30 Words Related to Addition

Below are the top 30 terms related to addition with meaning:

  1. Sum – The result of adding two or more numbers together.
  2. Addend – Any number being added to another in an addition operation.
  3. Total – The final amount or quantity after addition.
  4. Plus – The arithmetic symbol (+) represents addition.
  5. Augment – To increase or enlarge through addition.
  6. Aggregate – The sum or combination of multiple items.
  7. Accumulate – To gather and add up gradually over time.
  8. Append – To add something to the end of a list or sequence.
  9. Increment – A small addition or increase in quantity.
  10. Inclusive – Including all items or elements in addition.
  11. Subtotal – The partial sum within a larger calculation.
  12. Combine – To unite or merge through addition.
  13. Tally – To count and add up scores or quantities.
  14. Supplement – An addition that enhances or completes.
  15. Aggregate – A collection of elements combined through addition.
  16. Enhance – To improve or augment through addition.
  17. Accrue – To gradually accumulate or increase.
  18. Additionality – The quality of being an additional factor or element.
  19. Appendage – A part or extension added to something.
  20. Additive – A substance or element that enhances when added.
  21. Summation – The process of adding up multiple values.
  22. Accretion – The gradual increase or addition of something.
  23. Complement – Something that completes or adds to another.
  24. Integration – The act of combining or adding together.
  25. Annex – To add or attach something as an extension.
  26. Incremental – Relating to gradual additions or increases.
  27. Incorporate – To include and integrate as part of a whole.
  28. Extension – A part added to make something longer or larger.
  29. Replenish – To add back what has been used or depleted.
  30. Ingress – The act of entering or being added into a system.

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