Top 30 Words Related to Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry, an age-old practice, revolves around the breeding and caring for farm animals. This sector plays a pivotal role in the global food supply chain. To gain a comprehensive understanding, here are the top 30 words related to animal husbandry with brief explanations.

Words Related to Animal Husbandry

Here are the top 30 terms related to “animal husbandry” with meanings:

  1. Livestock – Domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting.
  2. Breeding – The act of mating selected animals for specific genetic traits.
  3. Pasture – Land where animals graze.
  4. Dairy – Relating to milk production.
  5. Poultry – Domesticated birds, e.g., chickens, ducks.
  6. Aquaculture – Breeding and raising aquatic animals or plants.
  7. Forage – Plant material eaten by grazing livestock.
  8. Husbandry – The care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals.
  9. Manure – Animal feces used to fertilize land.
  10. Feedlot – Area where livestock are fattened for slaughter.
  11. Shearing – Cutting off wool from sheep.
  12. Free-range – Animals raised with the freedom to roam outdoors.
  13. Barn – Building for storing grain, hay, or housing livestock.
  14. Vaccination – Administering a vaccine to prevent diseases.
  15. Hatchery – Place for hatching fish or poultry eggs.
  16. Silage – Fermented fodder stored for feeding livestock.
  17. Ruminant – Mammals that ferment food in specialized stomachs.
  18. Milking – Act of extracting milk from dairy animals.
  19. Brooding – Process where birds keep their eggs warm.
  20. Gestation – The period between conception and birth in mammals.
  21. Manger – Container from which animals eat.
  22. Castration – Removing the reproductive organs of male animals.
  23. Farrowing – Act of a sow giving birth to piglets.
  24. Molting – Shedding of feathers, skin, or hair.
  25. Beef cattle – Cattle raised specifically for meat production.
  26. Mastitis – Inflammation of the mammary gland, often in dairy animals.
  27. Weaning – Transitioning young from mother’s milk to solid food.
  28. Hive – Structure for housing bees.
  29. Trough – Long container from which animals drink.
  30. Layer – Poultry bird that is raised to produce eggs.

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