Top 30 Words Related to Tumor

Understanding tumors is essential for medical professionals, patients, and the general public. Familiarizing yourself with the terminology can aid in the comprehension of medical procedures, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Words Related to Tumor

Here are the top 30 terms related to Tumor with meanings:

  1. Malignant: Cancerous and invasive, spreading to other parts.
  2. Benign: Non-cancerous and generally not harmful.
  3. Biopsy: Procedure to remove tissue for examination.
  4. Oncology: The study and treatment of tumors.
  5. Metastasis: The spread of cancer cells.
  6. Carcinoma: A type of cancer originating from epithelial cells.
  7. Sarcoma: A type of cancer originating from connective tissues.
  8. Radiation: High-energy rays used for cancer treatment.
  9. Chemotherapy: Drug treatment to kill cancer cells.
  10. Lymph Node: Small glands that filter lymph, often affected by cancer.
  11. Cytology: Study of cells, often used in cancer diagnosis.
  12. Pathology: Study of diseases and their effects.
  13. Prognosis: An estimated outcome of a disease.
  14. Excision: Surgical removal of tissue.
  15. Staging: Classification of cancer by size and spread.
  16. Immunotherapy: Treatment using the body’s immune system.
  17. MRI: Imaging technique using magnetic fields.
  18. CT Scan: Imaging technique using X-rays.
  19. Remission: A decrease or disappearance of symptoms.
  20. Adjuvant Therapy: Additional treatment after the primary treatment.
  21. Mutation: Change in DNA sequence that can lead to cancer.
  22. Neoplasm: Abnormal growth, often forming a mass.
  23. Hormone Therapy: Treatment using hormones to inhibit cancer.
  24. Palliative Care: Relieving pain without curing the disease.
  25. Recurrence: Return of disease symptoms after treatment.
  26. Mastectomy: Surgical removal of the breast.
  27. Receptor: Molecule to which specific substances can bind.
  28. Incision: Cut made during surgery.
  29. Lumpectomy: Surgical removal of a lump in the breast.
  30. Tissue: A group of similar cells performing a function.

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