Top 30 Words Related to Tradition

Tradition refers to the customs, beliefs, and practices passed down through generations within a culture or community. It serves as the bedrock of societal values, uniting people through shared histories and common rituals.

Words Related to Tradition

Here are the top 30 terms related to tradition with meanings:

  1. Culture – Shared beliefs, customs, and practices of a group.
  2. Heritage – Inherited traditions and customs.
  3. Ritual – A set series of actions performed for a specific purpose.
  4. Custom – An established practice followed by people.
  5. Folklore – Traditional beliefs and stories of a community.
  6. Ancestry – Family history or lineage.
  7. Ethnicity – Shared cultural or national identity.
  8. Ceremony – Formal occasion, often with rituals.
  9. Superstition – Belief in supernatural causes.
  10. Mythology – Collection of traditional stories and beliefs.
  11. Norms – Accepted standards or rules in a society.
  12. Legacy – Something handed down from the past.
  13. Religion – A system of faith and worship.
  14. Conservatism – Preference for maintaining established traditions.
  15. Mores – Moral customs and rules of a community.
  16. Historical – Pertaining to past events or traditions.
  17. Sacred – Considered holy and deserving of respect.
  18. Family Values – Moral and ethical beliefs held by a family.
  19. Taboo – A practice prohibited by social custom.
  20. Festivity – Celebrations related to a tradition.
  21. Dogma – Authoritative set of principles or beliefs.
  22. Patriarchy – Male-dominated social system.
  23. Ethos – Character or spirit of a culture.
  24. Nostalgia – Sentimental attachment to the past.
  25. Stereotype – Generalized concept about a group.
  26. Iconic – Highly representative of a belief or practice.
  27. Secular – Not related to religious matters.
  28. Cultural Relativism – Viewing cultures without bias.
  29. Fundamentalism – Strict adherence to traditional beliefs.
  30. Elders – Older, respected members of a community.

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