Top 30 Words Related to Vikings

The Vikings were seafaring Norse people from Scandinavia, who lived during the late eighth to early 11th century. Known for their raids, trades, and exploration, Vikings have a rich history that has inspired literature, movies, and much more. Below, we explore terms closely associated with Vikings.

Words Related to Vikings

Here are the top 30 terms related to Vikings with meanings:

  1. Norse: Pertaining to the people, language, and culture of Scandinavia
  2. Raid: A sudden attack, usually for plunder
  3. Longship: A long, narrow, fast ship used by Vikings
  4. Shieldmaiden: A woman who chooses to fight as a warrior
  5. Odin: Principal god in Norse mythology
  6. Thor: Norse god of thunder
  7. Runestone: Large stone with runes carved on it
  8. Berserker: Fierce Viking warrior entering battle in a trance
  9. Sagas: Old Norse stories of heroes and events
  10. Valhalla: Afterlife hall where heroic warriors go
  11. Valkyrie: Female figures who choose those who may die in battle
  12. Drakkar: Dragon-headed Viking ship
  13. Skald: Norse poet or bard
  14. Meander: Detailed patterns used in Norse art
  15. Freyja: Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war
  16. Ragnarok: The apocalypse in Norse mythology
  17. Jarls: Norse nobles or high-ranking warriors
  18. Seax: A type of single-edged knife used by Vikings
  19. Edda: Collection of Old Norse poems
  20. Skol: A traditional Norse toast
  21. Helm: Protective covering for the head; helmet
  22. Fjord: A long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea
  23. Thrall: A slave or serf in Norse society
  24. Dane: A person from Denmark, often associated with Vikings
  25. Blot: A Norse pagan sacrifice to the gods
  26. Mjolnir: Thor’s hammer in Norse mythology
  27. Huscarl: Household troops serving Norse nobles
  28. Varangians: Norse mercenaries serving foreign rulers
  29. Thing: A governing assembly in early Germanic societies
  30. Lindisfarne: Island raided by Vikings in 793, marking Viking Age

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