20+ Slang for Inhalants (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Inhalants Mean?

Substances that are sniffed or inhaled to give a user an immediate rush or high. Often these are common household or industrial chemicals.

Slang For Inhalants

Slang Words for Inhalants

Here is the list of slang words for Inhalants with meanings:

  1. Whippets: Small canisters of nitrous oxide.
  2. Huff: The act of inhaling toxic fumes.
  3. Popper: A liquid nitrite, inhaled for a rush.
  4. Rush: Brands of liquid poppers or nitrites.
  5. Snappers: Another term for amyl nitrite.
  6. Air blast: Inhaling gas products for a high.
  7. Bolt: A brand of nitrite inhalant.
  8. Buzz bomb: Refers to nitrous oxide use.
  9. Chroma: Inhaling the fumes of chrome.
  10. Discorama: Inhalant used to feel euphoric.
  11. Highball: Inhaling computer cleaning products.
  12. Medusa: Refers to inhaling butane gas.
  13. Moon gas: Inhaling aerosol propellants.
  14. Oz: Inhalant that gives a euphoric feeling.
  15. Pearl: A brand of nitrite inhalant.
  16. Saturn: Inhaling gas from lighters.
  17. Shoot the breeze: Inhaling nitrous oxide.
  18. Texas shoeshine: Inhaling toluene from shoe polish.
  19. Thrust: A brand name for nitrite inhalants.
  20. Whiteout: Sniffing correction fluid for a high.

Use of Inhalants Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Inhalants:

  1. She found whippets in his backpack and was worried.
  2. Don’t ever try to huff that stuff, it’s dangerous.
  3. They were selling poppers at the club last night.
  4. He’s got a few bottles of rush in his drawer.
  5. I heard snappers can give an intense short high.
  6. Teenagers might use an air blast to get high.
  7. He bought a bottle of bolt from that shady store.
  8. They were laughing after using a buzz bomb.
  9. Stay away from chroma; it’s very harmful.
  10. The party had some discorama, which was alarming.
  11. He got caught using highball in the school bathroom.
  12. Medusa is dangerous and can cause sudden death.
  13. Some kids were caught with moon gas in the park.
  14. The rave had people on oz last weekend.
  15. The club was known for distributing pearl.
  16. She was hospitalized after trying saturn.
  17. The duo loved to shoot the breeze on weekends.
  18. The old man remembered using Texas shoeshine in his youth.
  19. Thrust is getting popular among the youth.
  20. Sniffing whiteout can cause severe brain damage.

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