20 Slang for Good Vibes (2024)

What does Good Vibes Mean?

“Good vibes” is an informal expression that refers to a positive and pleasant atmosphere or feeling. It signifies a sense of happiness, positivity, and harmony, often associated with uplifting energy and a favorable outlook on a situation or person. It is commonly used to describe a pleasant and optimistic atmosphere or interactions.

Slang For Good Vibes

Slang Words for Good Vibes

Here is the list of slang words for Good Vibes with meanings:

  1. Chill: Relaxed and easy-going.
  2. Groovy: Cool, excellent.
  3. Lit: Amazing, exciting.
  4. Dope: Cool, awesome.
  5. Buzzin’: Feeling elated.
  6. Stellar: Outstanding, top-notch.
  7. Rad: Really cool.
  8. Gassed: Extremely excited.
  9. Wavy: Smooth, cool.
  10. Mint: Perfect, excellent.
  11. Ace: High-quality, excellent.
  12. Poppin’: Trendy, in style.
  13. On point: Perfectly executed.
  14. Crackalackin: Happening, going on.
  15. Solid: Reliable, great.
  16. Golden: Perfect, flawless.
  17. Fire: Hot, amazing.
  18. Bangin’: Extremely good.
  19. Sick: Cool, impressive.
  20. Bumpin’: Lively, happening.

Use of Good Vibes Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The music was so chill at the café.
  2. Those shoes look groovy on you!
  3. Last night’s party was absolutely lit.
  4. Your new song is dope.
  5. I’m buzzin’ after that concert.
  6. Your performance was stellar today.
  7. That skateboard trick was so rad.
  8. She’s gassed about her promotion.
  9. The ocean was so wavy and calm.
  10. That dessert tastes mint.
  11. The new episode was ace.
  12. Your outfit is totally poppin’ today.
  13. Her makeup is always on point.
  14. What’s crackalackin in the neighborhood?
  15. That advice was solid, thanks!
  16. The weather today is golden.
  17. That mixtape is straight fire.
  18. Your cooking is always bangin’.
  19. That stunt was sick.
  20. The club was bumpin’ last night.

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