30 Funny Ways to Say Something Is Expensive

Funny Ways to Say Something Is Expensive

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Something Is Expensive:

  1. It costs an arm and a leg… and maybe a kidney.
  2. Priced like they discovered gold in it.
  3. Did they hand-weave this from unicorn hair?
  4. That has more zeros than my high school math exam.
  5. Was this made by elves in the moonlight?
  6. This must’ve been crafted from the tears of mermaids.
  7. Do I get a free house with that?
  8. Does it come with a personal butler for that price?
  9. I’d need to win the lottery… twice.
  10. Oh, is it from the secret section of Fort Knox?
  11. Did they charge extra for the air inside the packaging?
  12. Looks like it’s made of solid gold, or at least it’s priced that way!
  13. That price tag just gave my wallet anxiety.
  14. They must’ve included their hopes and dreams in the price.
  15. It’s like they put a down payment on a spaceship and charged it to this.
  16. My bank account just did a double-take.
  17. Do they accept payments in unicorn dust?
  18. I’d have to sell my imaginary friend to afford that!
  19. The price tag must be written in a rare ink called ‘Expensivium.’
  20. Hang on, let me check if I’ve got a magic bean to trade.
  21. Is there a discount if I promise my firstborn?
  22. Is this the special edition of the lost city of Atlantis?
  23. I think my piggy bank just fainted.
  24. Did a dragon guard this in a cave or something?
  25. For that price, I was expecting it to grant me three wishes!
  26. I’d need to find a rainbow and rob the leprechaun at the end of it.
  27. I think I saw this in a pirate’s treasure chest once.
  28. Might need to mortgage my teddy bear for that.
  29. The price tag looks like my phone number!
  30. Hold on, I’m checking if I have spare change in Narnia.


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Funny Ways to Say Something Is Expensive