30 Funny Ways to Say I Love You To Your Mom

Funny Ways to Say I Love You To Your Mom

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say I Love You To Your Mom:

  1. Mom, you’re the peanut butter to my jelly!
  2. Mom, if I had a different mom, I’d punch her and go find you!
  3. You’re the MVP of my heart!
  4. Mom, if love were a dessert, you’d be my triple chocolate cake!
  5. Brains, beauty, and endless love? That’s you, Ma!
  6. If there’s anything better than chocolate, it’s my love for you!
  7. Love you like a squirrel loves nuts – absolutely nuts about you!
  8. If my heart had pockets, you’d be in the deepest one!
  9. Love you more than cookies, and that’s not a crumb of a lie!
  10. Mom, I love you to the moon, around the stars, and back!
  11. You’re the cherry on top of my love sundae!
  12. Mama bear, you’re the top of my love pyramid!
  13. You’re the pop to my tart, and the art to my heart!
  14. If I were a phone, you’d be my permanent wallpaper!
  15. If there was a ‘Best Mom’ award, you’d win… daily!
  16. Mom, in the book of love, you’re every page!
  17. You’re the gold at the end of my love rainbow!
  18. Mom, you’re the secret sauce in my life’s recipe!
  19. I love you more than pizza… and you know that’s a lot!
  20. Love you like a minion loves bananas!
  21. You’re the caffeine in my love latte!
  22. You’re the queen bee of my heart hive!
  23. I love you more than unicorns love rainbows!
  24. If love had a flavor, you’d be my favorite ice cream!
  25. You’re the CO2 to my photosynthesis – essential!
  26. Mom, my love for you is bigger than the universe… and expanding!
  27. You’re the glitter in the glue of my life!
  28. Mom, loving you is easier than breathing!
  29. For the record, I love you more than vinyl!
  30. Love you more than a cat loves a sunbeam!


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Funny Ways to Say I Love You To Your Mom