10 Best Poems About Swing For Kids

Step into the world of poetic rhythm as we explore the 10 Best Poems about Swing for Kids! Whether it’s the thrill of soaring through the air or the joy of a gentle sway, these poems encapsulate the whimsical essence of swing time. Perfect for reading aloud, these verses promise to make hearts young and old take flight.

Poems About Swing For Kids

1. The Swing in the Park

Before you is a delightful poem about the simple joy and exhilaration that come from swinging in the park. This poem aims to capture the thrill of ascending to new heights and the comfort of feeling grounded.

Up and up, into the sky,

The world’s a blur, as I soar high.

Down I go, touching the ground,

Then back up, round and round.


Children laugh and parents smile,

As I swing for quite a while.

Higher still, I feel so free,

Like a bird above the tree.


Sunset comes, it’s time to leave,

What a day, you won’t believe.

Though the swing’s now still and dark,

I’ll be back to the swing in the park.

2. The Old Wooden Swing

This poem pays homage to the good old wooden swing that has witnessed countless days of joy. It’s a tribute to the nostalgia we feel for simpler times, evoking a sense of everlasting memories.

A wooden plank, two ropes so strong,

A swing where countless joys belong.

It creaks and sways in grandma’s yard,

A simple joy, yet it hits hard.


Years have passed, the wood has aged,

Yet the fun has never been caged.

We swing, we laugh, then swing some more,

As if time has not touched this lore.


Sun may fade, and stars may sing,

As night wraps up everything.

Yet the wooden swing will always be

A part of our sweet memory.

3. Rainy Day Swing

This poem portrays the unique charm of swinging in the rain. It captures the blend of two contrasting elements—water and air—as you swing through the raindrops.

Raindrops fall, yet here I swing,

With every drop, my heart takes wing.

Sky is gray, but I feel blue,

Swinging high makes me anew.


Up through clouds, and down so low,

With every swing, my spirits grow.

Rain may pour, but I don’t mind,

For in the swing, peace I find.


As I stop, my clothes all wet,

This rainy swing, I won’t forget.

A splash, a laugh, a swing, a cheer,

Rain or shine, swing’s joy is clear.

4. Swing By The Sea

This poem imagines the feeling of swinging next to the ocean. It captures the beauty of the sea, the sound of the waves, and the serenity of a seaside swing.

A swing by the sea, under the sun,

A place where childhood and waves run.

With each push, I touch the sky,

Feeling just like a seagull, up high.


Salt in the air, wind in my face,

This ocean swing is my happy place.

With every sway, my spirit flies,

Mirroring seagulls as they rise.


When I descend, my feet kiss sand,

On this serene, beachy strand.

Swing by the sea, forever be,

A slice of my perfect fantasy.

5. The Magic Swing

This poem taps into the imaginative world where a swing becomes a magical device. It takes you on a fantastical journey beyond the ordinary.

Sit right here, hold on tight,

This magic swing takes flight tonight.

With every rise, we touch a star,

Traveling places, oh so far.


Swing through realms of dragons, kings,

Where unicorns and fairies sing.

A swoop, a dive, then up we soar,

Unlocking every mystical door.


As we descend, back to the ground,

We bring back tales that will astound.

Though just a swing, in our backyard,

It lets our imagination run unbarred.

6. The Siblings’ Swing

This poem speaks about the shared experience of siblings on a swing. It explores the joys and petty squabbles that define such moments.

A swing for two, my sis and me,

We fight for turns, as siblings be.

I push her high, she laughs with glee,

Then shouts, “Now it’s time for me!”


Up and down, we take our flight,

In broad daylight or quiet night.

We laugh, we argue, yet we know,

Our love in every push does show.


Evening comes, we leave our ride,

But in our hearts, the swing resides.

The siblings’ swing, a sacred space,

Where love and squabbles interlace.

7. Swing in the Fall

This poem captures the essence of swinging in the midst of fall foliage. It paints an autumnal scene filled with crisp air, falling leaves, and colorful beauty.

Golden leaves and skies so gray,

In this fall air, I wish to sway.

Up I go, in the harvest breeze,

Swinging by those autumn trees.


Red and orange dance around,

As I ascend from off the ground.

With every fall, a leaf comes near,

Whispers of autumn in my ear.


As sun sets, painting sky in hues,

The swing slows down, as if to muse.

Goodbye, fall swing, ‘til another call,

You’re the finest season of them all.

8. The Classroom Swing

This poem brings swinging into the sphere of imagination within a classroom. It speaks of daydreams where desks and chairs turn into swings.

Sitting in class, I start to dream,

Of swings and skies and ice cream.

Chairs and desks transform in view,

Into swings of every hue.


My pencil soars, my mind takes wing,

As chalkboard turns into a swing.

I reach the clouds, as teachers speak,

In this dream, adventure peaks.


The bell rings out, I’m back in class,

My skyward dreams will have to pass.

But deep inside, I always know,

To that swing in dreams, I’ll often go.

9. The Grandparent’s Push

This poem honors the timeless act of grandparents pushing their grandchildren on swings. It’s a simple act that serves as a bridge between generations.

Grandma’s hands give the first push,

Into the air, through the gentle hush.

With each motion, years unwind,

As stories float from her loving mind.


Higher, higher, into the sky,

With grandpa’s tales of times gone by.

His push, a legacy in each sway,

A love that never fades away.


Sunset nears, the swing slows down,

We’re back on firm, familial ground.

Yet, every push and tale they share,

Turns the swing into a timeless chair.

10. Swinging Through Seasons

This poem encapsulates the joy of swinging through all the seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter. It celebrates the constant happiness that a swing brings, regardless of the weather.

Springtime flowers, summer’s heat,

On this swing, all seasons meet.

Autumn leaves, then winter’s snow,

Yet the swing’s joy never does slow.


Swinging through the sun’s warm rays,

Or a winter snowstorm’s icy haze.

Seasons change, but this remains—

Swing’s joy courses through my veins.


Spring buds bloom, snowflakes fall,

On this swing, I’ve seen them all.

In heat or cold, come what may,

The swing keeps worries at bay.

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