10 Refreshing Poems about Alcoholic Parents

Navigating the complexity of growing up with alcoholic parents is a journey many endure. Dive into these 10 refreshing poems that shed light on the pain, resilience, and love intertwined in such relationships. Discover healing through the power of words and shared experiences.

Short Poems about Alcoholic Parents

1. Hidden Bottles

This poem delves into the secrecy that often shrouds addiction. It portrays the heartbreaking scene of a child discovering a parent’s hidden struggle.

Hidden bottles beneath the bed,

Whispers of shame, things left unsaid.

A child’s eyes, so wide and blue,

Unearthing truths they never knew.


Moments of joy, abruptly torn,

By sips of sorrow, nightly worn.

Promises made, then washed away,

In amber liquid’s treacherous play.


Hope still lingers in young heartbeats,

Dreams of days when love completes.

Yet, amidst shadows, love stands strong,

In the silent chorus of life’s ongoing song.

2. Torn Lullabies

This poem captures the duality of an alcoholic parent – one who provides love and care, but whose addiction sometimes casts a dark shadow over the tender moments.

In the evening’s gentle hush,

A lullaby begins to rush.

Softly sung, with love so pure,

Yet tainted by an aching lure.


Fingers trembling, voice that cracks,

Drowning pain in liquid tracks.

Stories told of brighter days,

Yet eyes revealing hidden haze.


Through the murk, a love persists,

In the warmth of bedtime’s trysts.

For every tear that’s come to pass,

Hope dreams of peace that’ll someday amass.

3. Echoes of Tomorrow

This poem reflects on the cyclical nature of addiction and how the child, despite their experiences, holds onto hope for a brighter future.

Echoes of yesterday haunt the halls,

Whispered regrets, echoed calls.

Yet a child dreams, in silent prayer,

Of tomorrows free from despair.


For each stumble, a step is learned,

For every scar, love returned.

Amidst the chaos, lessons unfold,

Stories of resilience, tales retold.


A cycle broken, a future bright,

Emerging from the darkest night.

For in the heart of memories sorrowed,

Lies the hope of a better tomorrow.

Short Poems about Alcoholic Parents

Poems about Alcoholic Mother

1. Fading Portrait

This poem speaks to the transformation of a mother under the influence of alcohol, juxtaposing the radiant woman of the past with the shadowed figure of the present.

She once danced with grace and glee,

Bright-eyed, full of life, so free.

Yet over time, a shadow cast,

As vibrant memories faded fast.


Her laughter, now a distant song,

Replaced by nights so long and wrong.

In the grip of a bottle’s embrace,

The radiant mother lost her grace.


But deep within her clouded eyes,

The ember of her spirit lies.

Hoping one day she’ll break free,

From chains of her own decree.

2. Silent Pleas

This poem portrays a child’s yearning for their mother’s love and attention, overshadowed by the pull of her addiction.

In the quiet corners of the night,

I’d wish for morning’s golden light.

For in its rays, I’d hope to see,

The mother you used to be.


Each glass you held, a wall between,

The love you gave and scenes unseen.

I’d reach for you, my hand outspread,

But you’d reach for the bottle instead.


My silent pleas, they went unheard,

Lost amidst the lines you blurred.

Yet deep inside, I still believe,

One day, the real you I’ll retrieve.

3. Echoing Laughter

This poem reminisces about happier times with a mother before the clutches of addiction, emphasizing the echoes of joy that remain despite the pain.

Your echoing laughter, a memory sweet,

Of times when life felt so complete.

Barefoot dances, songs in the rain,

Before the bottle brought its pain.


Now hushed tones and silent cries,

Replace our open, sunlit skies.

Yet in my heart, I hold them near,

Those moments of joy, crystal clear.


For even though the shadows loom,

I remember our shared sunlit room.

And in those memories, I find the key,

To hope for a brighter destiny.

4. Unsteady Lighthouse

This poem likens an alcoholic mother to an unsteady lighthouse, offering intermittent guidance but often shrouded in fog and uncertainty.

You were my lighthouse, tall and grand,

Guiding me through life, hand in hand.

But as the fog of drink drew near,

Your light flickered, dimmed by fear.


Unsteady beams in stormy seas,

Lost in a haze, brought to your knees.

I tried to navigate, lost and alone,

Yearning for the warmth you’ve shown.


Yet even in your darkest night,

Moments of clarity, beams of light.

For deep within, your love remains,

Hoping to break free from the chains.

Poems about Alcoholic Mother

Poems about Alcoholic Father

1. Forgotten Stories

This poem paints a picture of a father who, despite his addiction, was once a great storyteller, and the longing for those untold tales.

He used to spin tales so grand and tall,

Of adventures, heroes, and cities that fall.

But as the drink took its demanding toll,

Those stories faded, a growing lull.


Now, his voice slurs, tales left untold,

Replaced by bottles and nights so cold.

In his glassy gaze, a distant fire,

Lost to a vice, a damning quagmire.


Yet in quiet moments, glimpses appear,

Of that storyteller I held so dear.

Whispers of hope, a narrative anew,

Yearning for days of tales so true.

2. Fractured Anchor

This poem illustrates the father as an anchor, providing stability, but the alcohol has caused fractures, making it unreliable.

Father, my anchor, steadfast and sure,

Against life’s storms, a reassuring cure.

But as the bottle beckoned, cracks began to show,

The stability I knew, swaying to and fro.


Once a rock, now unsteady and weak,

The bottle’s allure, the solace you seek.

Fractured and splintered, by alcohol’s might,

Yet traces of strength, still shine so bright.


In the midst of the tempest, I search for a sign,

Of the anchor I knew, strong and benign.

Hoping one day, the fractures will mend,

And I’ll find my steadfast father again.

3. Silent Echoes

This poem speaks of the silence that engulfs a home when a father is lost in his addiction, and the echoing memories of better times.

In the silence of our home, echoes resound,

Of laughter and joy, once so profound.

But as the drink took hold, a hush did fall,

Drowning the mirth, casting a pall.


Footsteps heavy, voice a muted drone,

The vibrant father I knew, seemingly gone.

Yet amidst the quiet, memories persist,

Of times of love, impossible to resist.


Holding onto those echoes, I stand firm and true,

Hoping the silence will lift, revealing you.

For deep within, I believe in the sound,

Of a father’s love, boundlessly unbound.

4. Shifting Shadows

The poem delves into the duality of an alcoholic father, transitioning between moments of clarity and darkness.

In the shifting shadows, a figure I see,

My father, both bound and free.

Moments of clarity, bright and clear,

Then clouded by drink, consumed by fear.


A duality stark, day into night,

A loving embrace, then a distant slight.

Caught in a dance, a perilous waltz,

Between fatherly love and alcohol’s faults.


Yet, in the dance, hope remains alive,

For the light to conquer, and the shadows to dive.

In the battle of dark and light’s array,

I yearn for the dawn of a brighter day.

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