10+ Easy Color Poems for Kids

Dive into the vibrant world of hues with our collection of 10+ easy color poems for kids! These whimsical verses paint a vivid picture, making it delightful for young minds to explore and connect with the kaleidoscope of colors surrounding them. Ready to get colorful? Let’s read on!

Color Poems about Kids

1. The Red Balloon

Before we start our colorful journey, let’s kick off with the color red, symbolizing adventure and excitement. In this poem, a red balloon takes center stage, lifting spirits and elevating imaginations.

Up, up it goes, the red balloon,

Into the sky, past afternoon.

Kids look up, their faces gleam,

Each one lost in a colorful dream.


Higher still, the red orb flies,

A little dot in the limitless skies.

Just like hopes that in hearts burn,

Eager for the day they will return.


Down it comes, at last, so near,

Still as bright, still as clear.

In every eye, a sparkle found,

As it softly touches the ground.

2. The Yellow Sunflower

Next, we have yellow, the color of sunshine and happiness. This poem captures the essence of a sunflower—tall, radiant, and full of life.

In the garden, standing tall,

A yellow sunflower above all.

It sways and dances in the sun,

A golden prize that’s second to none.


Petals like rays, a circular crown,

In fields of green, it won’t back down.

Turns its face to greet the light,

A happy dance from morning to night.


Kids pluck its seeds when autumn’s near,

A cycle of life that’s crystal clear.

Yellow blooms will rise once more,

In the dance of seasons, that’s for sure.

3. The Blue Ocean

Now, let’s delve into the blue—the color of the ocean, serenity, and endless possibilities. This poem takes you to the waves, where children find both adventure and calm.

The ocean roars in shades of blue,

From turquoise light to deep sea hue.

Kids at the shore, their buckets in hand,

Build sandcastles on its sunlit land.


Shells and stones, they gather with glee,

Treasures that come from the vast, open sea.

The tides may wash their castles away,

But the memories stay, come what may.


Dusk sets in, the sky turns gray,

Yet the blue ocean still has much to say.

In waves that whisper or loudly crash,

It tells tales in its eternal splash.

4. The Green Forest

Let’s wander into green—the color of life, growth, and endless adventure. This poem will lead you through the forest, where children discover nature’s wonders.

Trees so high they touch the sky,

Green leaves rustling, as birds fly by.

Kids on a hike, footsteps light,

Every corner a brand-new sight.


Bushes thick and moss so green,

An outdoor maze, a natural screen.

With walking sticks, they make their way,

Finding wonders throughout the day.


Green, the color of life anew,

In every shade, from lime to dew.

For every child who walks its floor,

The forest has tales, myths, and lore.

5. The Orange Pumpkin

Orange is next, a hue that’s both warm and vibrant. This poem captures the joy children feel during pumpkin season, particularly around Halloween.

In the patch, kids look around,

For the best pumpkin to be found.

Orange globes, both big and small,

Await the choice that will befall.


With a waggon, they pull their prize,

Eyes gleaming, no need for disguise.

Carving faces, happy and mean,

For Halloween’s spirited scene.


In the dark, with candles bright,

Orange pumpkins glow in the night.

Kids in costumes laugh and scream,

In the realm of October’s dream.

6. The Purple Sky

Now let’s look up to the sky during dusk, where shades of purple often mesmerize. This poem describes a twilight that holds the attention of children.

Purple skies at the close of day,

Signal that night’s not far away.

Kids on swings, slowing their pace,

Captured by twilight’s gentle grace.


Violet, lavender, a royal sight,

As day says goodbye, welcoming night.

In their pajamas, they climb in bed,

With dreams of purple skies ahead.


Even in sleep, their minds take flight,

In lands beneath the purple light.

A colorful end to a sun-filled day,

As shades of night softly hold sway.

7. The Pink Dawn

Let’s greet the morning with pink, the color of dawn and new beginnings. This poem celebrates the start of a new day as seen through the eyes of a child.

Pink light breaks the hold of night,

A cotton-candy hue so light.

Kids wake up, their sleep now done,

Ready for the day and morning sun.


Bicycles ready, helmets strapped,

Into the dawn, they have happily clapped.

The sky blushes as the sun ascends,

Another day of play and making friends.


In shades of pink, the day does start,

A work of morning’s fleeting art.

Through sleepy eyes, the sight they store,

A colorful dawn they can’t ignore.

8. The Brown Earth

Finally, brown—the color of the earth, stability, and roots. This poem focuses on the ground below us, where children find both foundation and fascination.

Brown is the earth, sturdy and strong,

The soil where roots and worms belong.

Kids dig holes and tunnels deep,

A muddy playground that’s quite cheap.


Rocks and clay, a tactile find,

Textures that are one-of-a-kind.

Stomping in puddles, a muddy hue,

Dirt can be fun, and that’s so true.


When they wash their hands at last,

The brown is gone; the playtime’s past.

But in their hearts, they’ll always keep,

Love for the earth, so vast and deep.

9. The White Snow

Next up is white, the color of snow and wintertime magic. This poem reflects on the joy of a snow day, a rare gift that children cherish.

Snowflakes fall in gentle might,

Covering the world in blankets white.

Kids rush out, boots and mittens on,

To play before the day is gone.


Snowmen built with carrot nose,

Frosty air blushes cheeks and toes.

Sledding down the hill so fast,

Making memories sure to last.


As evening comes, they head inside,

Leaving behind a snowman’s pride.

In dreams of white, their spirits soar,

Until they wake to snow once more.

10. The Black Night Sky

Lastly, we explore black—the color of the night sky, where imagination knows no bounds. This poem takes you on a journey through the cosmos, right from your backyard.

In the black of night, kids gaze above,

Where stars and planets seem to move.

Telescope ready, eyes so keen,

Unlocking secrets yet unseen.


Constellations like connect-the-dots,

Orion, Cassiopeia, forgot-me-nots.

Imagination painting pictures bright,

On the canvas of the blackest night.


Shooting stars race across the sky,

Children make wishes, by and by.

In the dark, they find their light,

Guided by the wonders of the night.

Poems about Colors for Kindergarten

1. Rainbow Playtime

Our first poem is all about the rainbow, that magical arc of colors that makes kids stop and stare. In simple terms, the poem explores each color and how it makes us feel during playtime.

Red is the ball we kick and toss,

It bounces high, but never lost.

We laugh and run, in pure delight,

Red keeps us playing, day to night.


Yellow is the sun so high,

Painting bright our daytime sky.

It warms our face, we smile with glee,

Yellow is as happy as can be.


Blue is the sky, so vast and grand,

Like an ocean, but on land.

We look up and feel so free,

Blue is endless, like the sea.

2. A Brown Teddy Bear

For our next poem, we look at the color brown through the comforting presence of a teddy bear. The poem talks about how this soft, cuddly toy can make kids feel safe and loved.

Brown teddy bear, oh so sweet,

Soft and furry, a cuddly treat.

In my arms, you always stay,

You make me happy, night and day.


Brown teddy bear, my closest friend,

With you, my time, I love to spend.

We read books and play pretend,

Our friendship has no end.


Brown teddy bear, you’re the best,

With you, I find peaceful rest.

Snuggled close, I close my eyes,

With you, no need for goodbyes.

3. Green Grass Grows

Our third poem is about the color green, focusing on the grass that tickles our toes. The poem highlights the simple joys of playing on a green lawn.

Green grass grows beneath our feet,

A carpet soft, a summer treat.

We run and jump, we play and roll,

Green grass, you’re good for the soul.


Green grass, you’re where we lay,

To watch the clouds drift away.

We see shapes in fluffy white,

As we giggle in pure delight.


Green grass, you’re where we sit,

For picnics perfect, we admit.

We munch on snacks, we sip our juice,

In your green embrace, we’re let loose.

4. White Fluffy Clouds

The fourth poem is about white clouds, those fluffy shapes drifting across the sky. It highlights how clouds can spark imagination and wonder in young children.

White fluffy clouds, way up high,

Moving slowly, across the sky.

We look up and wonder why,

You can float and so can’t I.


White fluffy clouds, you change your shape,

An elephant, a dog, a grape.

We laugh and point, our minds take flight,

In the canvas of daylight.


White fluffy clouds, you hide the sun,

But never stay too long, you run.

In this game of sky peek-a-boo,

We’re excited, thanks to you.

5. The Shiny Silver Moon

Finally, our last poem takes us to the shiny silver moon that appears at night. The poem is all about how the moon can be a comforting presence in the dark night sky.

The shiny silver moon’s so bright,

In the velvet cloak of night.

It makes the dark not quite so deep,

As we lay down to go to sleep.


The shiny silver moon is there,

A nightlight in the open air.

We look through windows, smile with glee,

The moon smiles back, as we can see.


The shiny silver moon so kind,

A sleepy whisper in the mind.

Goodnight to all, both near and far,

Under the same shiny silver star.

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