10 Funny Children Poems About Shark

Dive into the whimsical world of oceanic humor with our collection of 10 Funny Children Poems about Sharks! Perfect for kids who love these magnificent sea creatures—and for parents eager to add some laughter to bedtime reading. From friendly fins to shark-tooth grins, these poems will have everyone giggling!

Funny Poems About Shark

1. The Shark Who Couldn’t Bite

Before diving into this poem, let’s set the scene. Imagine a young shark who just can’t seem to get the hang of biting things, much to his family’s amusement and sometimes, annoyance. This poem tells his quirky tale.

I know a shark with a little plight,

He swam all day and into the night.

But try as he might with all his might,

This poor little shark just couldn’t bite.


His family said, “Come on, you’re a shark!”

He replied, “I’d rather not leave a mark.”

“Just snap those jaws, it’s really a lark!”

But he simply swam on, like a meandering ark.


Now this shark isn’t sad; oh no, not he!

He munches on seaweed and feels quite free.

He doesn’t want to be scary, you see,

This shark’s a vegetarian, swimming in glee.

2. Susie the Surfing Shark

Meet Susie, a shark who loves to surf more than anything else. It’s not every day you see a shark on a surfboard, and that’s what makes Susie so special. This poem captures her adventurous spirit.

Susie the shark loved riding the waves,

Her fin stood up like a knight who braves.

Forget chasing fish, forget dark caves,

Surfing was the thing that her heart craves.


Other sea creatures would pause and stare,

“Is that a shark up there, in the air?”

“Yes, it’s Susie, without a care,

Riding her surfboard, flying like a mare.”


So if you’re at sea and hear a “Cowabunga!”

It’s not a sailor or diver who’s younger.

It’s Susie the shark, the ocean’s true wonder,

Surfing the waves, making all else look blunder.

3. Timmy the Ticklish Shark

This poem is about Timmy, a shark who has a very unusual problem—he’s ticklish! While most sharks are fearsome predators, Timmy would rather not be touched because he might burst into laughter.

Timmy the shark had a secret so grand,

Not like his teeth, which could snap a band.

His secret was something you’d never have planned,

This fearsome shark was ticklish, you understand!


When fish would swim close, oh, he’d giggle and laugh,

His chuckles would make even the sternest crab chaff.

“Ticklish and a shark? Now don’t make me quaff,”

But Timmy just grinned, not caring by half.


So if you’re near coral and hear a strange sound,

Like laughter that seems to come from the ground.

It’s Timmy the shark, being tickled all around,

The happiest shark that has ever been found.

Poems About Shark

Children’s Poems About Shark

1. Sammy the Shy Shark

In this poem, we meet Sammy, a shark who’s a bit on the shy side. Unlike most sharks, Sammy prefers to hide away and watch the world from a distance. Let’s learn more about him through this charming poem.

Sammy the Shark was ever so shy,

He’d hide in the sand when fish swam by.

With a flick of his tail, he’d wave them “hi,”

But into his cave, he’d quickly fly.


His mother said, “Sammy, don’t be so meek,

A hello won’t hurt; just give it a peek.”

But Sammy just blushed from fin to beak,

Happy in the quiet, no need to speak.


Now don’t think Sammy’s lonely, oh no,

He’s got snail pals and a friendly glow.

A shy little shark with a heart of gold,

Sammy’s the sweetest tale ever told.

2. Tina the Toothless Shark

This next poem is about Tina, a shark who has no teeth but a lot of heart. Tina may not look fearsome, but she has found her own unique way to fit into her underwater community.

Tina the shark was toothless, it’s true,

She couldn’t bite, not even chew.

But Tina was clever, oh yes, she knew

How to make a seaweed stew.


Fish would giggle, coral would scoff,

“Tina can’t bite? Then she’s better off!”

But Tina would smile and swim up aloft,

With no teeth, but her spirits were never soft.


You see, teeth or not, Tina felt fine,

Happy to be in the ocean’s brine.

In a world of bites, she’s a different line,

A toothless shark, and that’s just divine.

3. Peter the Pirate Shark

Our last poem introduces Peter, a shark with a love for buried treasure. Peter wears an eyepatch and dreams of treasure chests and pirate lore. Let’s set sail with Peter on a poetic adventure!

Peter the shark wore an eyepatch, so keen,

Dreaming of treasures that he’d never seen.

With a map in his fin, oh he felt so serene,

The fiercest Pirate Shark there’s ever been.


He’d hum pirate songs as he swam through the sea,

“Arr matey,” he’d shout, feeling wild and free.

Fish wore bandanas, following him in glee,

Peter was the captain, as a captain should be.


Though Peter had never found gold or jewel,

His imagination was his most important tool.

In the sea of dreams, he was nobody’s fool,

Peter the Pirate Shark was incredibly cool.

4. Sally the Singing Shark

This final poem introduces Sally, a shark who loves to sing more than anything else. Instead of hunting like other sharks, Sally would rather hum a tune. This poem captures the essence of Sally’s melodious life under the sea.

Sally the shark loved to sing a song,

Her notes so high, her chords so long.

Fish would gather around all day long,

To hear Sally sing, where she belongs.


“She’s a shark,” said a clam, “shouldn’t she chase?”

But Sally just sang, putting a smile on each face.

“No biting for me, I’ve found my place,

I’d rather fill the ocean with a musical embrace.”


Whales would join in, dolphins too,

Even the octopus tapped a tentacle or two.

Sally the shark made everyone’s heart anew,

With her joyful songs that forever grew.

Scary Shark Poems

1. The Shadow in the Sea

Our first poem dives into the mysterious depths where a shadowy shark lurks. This enigmatic creature instills fear and awe among the other ocean inhabitants. Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure.

Deep in the ocean, where light doesn’t reach,

Lies a shadowy shark, far from the beach.

He doesn’t come up; in the depths, he’ll stay,

A lurking figure, keeping all at bay.


Fish swim fast, and crabs crawl away,

For they know the shadow has come to play.

Jellyfish quiver and octopods hide,

When the shadow in the sea goes for a ride.


He’s the phantom of the deep, a legend so dire,

With eyes like embers, and a soul like fire.

Yet even he has a story, a tale not so bleak,

A scary shark seeking the comfort we all seek.

2. The Ghost Shark’s Haunt

The second poem is about a shark that is said to be a ghost haunting the ocean. Fishermen and sailors whisper tales about this spectral predator, who appears in a ghostly mist.

Fishermen talk of a shark like a ghost,

Appearing in mist, from pillar to post.

They say it’s a spirit, forever to roam,

An ethereal shark with the ocean as home.


Sails go slack and the wind gets chill,

When the Ghost Shark appears, going in for the kill.

“Watch out!” they cry, pulling nets with a moan,

For the Ghost Shark’s haunt is a fright well-known.


Yet some say the shark is just misunderstood,

Seeking some friends, like anyone would.

Is it a ghost, or a legend we’ve spun?

The mystery of the Ghost Shark is second to none.

Acrostic Poems About Shark

1. S.H.A.R.K. in the Deep

Our first acrostic poem spells out the word ‘SHARK’ using the first letter of each stanza. This poem dives into the life of a shark, capturing its essence as a fascinating yet misunderstood creature of the deep.

Swimming fast in the ocean blue,

A predator with a fearsome view.

Sleek and strong, you can’t deny,

A marvel in the waters, under the sky.


Hunting with precision, a master of the chase,

In a liquid world, it’s a never-ending race.

Gills a-flutter, moving without cease,

A vital part of the ocean’s complex peace.


Always moving, never sleeping tight,

Sharks are wonders, even in the night.

They roam the waters, a guardian of the sea,

An ancient being, as wild as can be.

2. F.I.N.S. Tell the Tale

Our second acrostic poem uses the letters in ‘FINS’ to tell a whimsical tale about the fins of a shark, which help it navigate through its underwater world.

Flippers a-flap in the watery deep,

A shark’s on the move, it doesn’t sleep.

Guiding it through coral, sand, and stone,

Fins are the wings in its aqueous home.


Incredible tools for balance and speed,

Helping the shark in every need.

They cut through the water, swift and keen,

A feat of nature, rarely seen.


Navigating currents, both soft and strong,

Fins make sure sharks never go wrong.

Like a compass that points the perfect way,

Fins keep sharks steady, night and day.

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