10 Best Thanksgiving Poems about Kids

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, family, and heart-warming memories. Delve into the innocence and wonder of childhood with our curated list of the 10 best Thanksgiving poems about kids, celebrating the joy and laughter they bring to our festive gatherings. Read on and feel the nostalgia!

Thanksgiving Poems About Kids

1. The Little Pilgrim’s Parade

In this poem, the spirit of Thanksgiving is depicted through the eyes of a child who imagines themselves as a little pilgrim. Their joyous parade becomes a symbol of the gratitude we all share.

The little pilgrim walks the street,

With tiny shoes on gleaming feet.

Parading joy, so proud and sweet,

For Thanksgiving’s drumbeat.


A hat of paper, buckle and all,

Imagination, standing tall.

Echoes of laughter, stories recall,

Moments that never do fall.


They dance with leaves, gold and red,

Whispering tales that the wind has said.

Thanksgiving dreams, in young hearts spread,

A parade of thanks, led by the little head.

2. Grateful Giggles

This poem captures the effervescent laughter and pure joy that children bring to Thanksgiving gatherings, reminding us of the simple pleasures in life.

Little hands, the pie they try,

Giggles echo, soaring high.

Thanksgiving tales, in laughter lie,

In the twinkle of a child’s eye.


Corn and pumpkin, tales they spin,

Children’s laughter, from within.

Heartfelt chuckles, cheeky grin,

For grateful moments, once again.


Around the table, they will race,

Finding joy in every grace.

Thanksgiving magic, kids embrace,

In every chuckle, love we trace.

3. Autumn’s Tiny Dancer

This poem paints a picture of a child dancing amidst the fallen autumn leaves, embodying the essence of Thanksgiving – being thankful for the present moment.

Golden leaves, to the ground they fall,

A child dances, feeling tall.

Whirling, twirling, amidst them all,

Thanksgiving’s dance, nature’s ball.


Tiny feet on crisp leaves prance,

Eyes alight, in a trance.

To the song of autumn, they advance,

Every step, a thankful dance.


Captured in the season’s embrace,

A child’s joy, no one can replace.

In their dance, gratitude we trace,

Thanksgiving moments, in grace.

4. Turkey Tales and Toy Tales

Amid the Thanksgiving festivities, children often share imaginative tales about turkeys, toys, and more. This poem celebrates their lively stories and boundless creativity.

Listen close, to tales they weave,

Of turkeys flying, on Thanksgiving Eve.

Of toys that talk, and dreams they believe,

In the magic of tales, we all receive.


Tiny voices, with stories so grand,

Of feasts in a faraway land.

Their imagination, like endless sand,

Spreading joy, hand in hand.


For in their tales, truth does hide,

Of gratitude, love, side by side.

Through their stories, we all confide,

Thanksgiving’s heart, in children reside.

5. A Child’s Thanksgiving Wish

Through a child’s innocent wish, this poem touches upon the universal longing for togetherness and love that is especially felt during Thanksgiving.

With wide eyes and hope so bright,

A child whispers, into the night.

For family close, and candles light,

A Thanksgiving wish, so right.


May the table be filled with cheer,

With loved ones far, and those who’re near.

A wish so simple, yet so dear,

For love and laughter, year after year.


Thanksgiving dreams, in young hearts reside,

For moments of joy, side by side.

In every child’s wish, hopes collide,

For a world where love and thanks coincide.

Thanksgiving Poems about Kindergarten

1. Kindergarten’s Harvest Feast

Within the vibrant walls of kindergarten, children come together to celebrate a miniature version of Thanksgiving. Their joyful anticipation is captured in this poem.

Hand in hand, they gather around,

Tiny voices, a jubilant sound.

For the kindergarten’s feast has been found,

With paper turkeys and corn mounds.


Crafts of color, orange and brown,

Stories of pilgrims, in their little town.

Eyes alight, no hint of a frown,

As Thanksgiving spirit goes all around.


With plates of pretend and cups that cheers,

They celebrate Thanksgiving, free from fears.

Kindergarten memories, as precious as tears,

Marked by the feast of their formative years.

2. Lessons of Gratitude

In kindergarten, children often learn the first lessons of gratitude and sharing. This poem delves into those gentle teachings amidst the backdrop of Thanksgiving.

A, B, C, and turkey too,

Kindergarten’s lessons, old yet new.

“Thank you” and “please”, manners they construe,

With every Thanksgiving, gratitude they imbue.


Little chairs, in a circle they sit,

Sharing stories, where innocence and wonder fit.

Learning of harvests, and the pilgrim’s wit,

Thankful for friends and every little bit.


Hands raised high, eager to share,

Stories of home, love, and care.

Kindergarten’s Thanksgiving, a heartfelt affair,

Where gratitude’s lessons fill the air.

3. Kindergarten’s Crafty Fall

Kindergarten is a haven of creativity, especially during Thanksgiving. This poem celebrates the crafts and artwork that these little hands produce.

Crayons in hand, they sketch and draw,

Turkeys, pumpkins, scenes without flaw.

With paper and glue, imagination they saw,

Kindergarten’s crafty Thanksgiving, in awe.


Leaves of paper, sprinkled with glitter,

Pilgrims and Native Americans, none bitter.

The beauty of sharing, the heart of the matter,

Through every crafted piece, their spirits get fitter.


Colors of fall, on each bulletin board,

Stories of harvest, collectively stored.

Kindergarten’s art, love poured and adored,

Thanksgiving crafts, by tiny hands explored.

4. Songs of Little Thanks

Music and songs are integral to kindergarten celebrations. This poem sheds light on the heartwarming Thanksgiving melodies sung by young voices.

Gentle tunes, from the room they float,

Kindergarten voices, in a thankful note.

Singing of harvests, and turkeys in a boat,

Songs of Thanksgiving, from the heart they wrote.


“Thankful for sun, for rain and play,

For friends and teachers, every day.”

Their simple verses, portray,

The essence of giving thanks, in every way.


Together they sing, a melody so sweet,

With tapping feet and hearts upbeat.

Kindergarten’s Thanksgiving, truly complete,

With songs of gratitude, none can beat.

5. The Kindergarten Table

This poem encapsulates the essence of a kindergarten Thanksgiving, where children gather around a miniature feast, embodying unity and joy.

Around the table, so small and round,

Kindergarten faces, joy unbound.

With paper plates and laughter sound,

Thanksgiving’s spirit, truly found.


Sharing pretend pies, and tales they weave,

Of turkeys that dance, and magic they believe.

With hands that clasp, and hearts that cleave,

Thanksgiving’s lesson, they naively receive.


A microcosm of the world outside,

With love and sharing, side by side.

Kindergarten’s Thanksgiving, a moment of pride,

Where unity and gratitude coincide.

Thanksgiving Poems about Preschool

1. Preschool’s Thanksgiving Play

In the lively preschool realm, little ones don costumes and step into roles, enacting the tales of Thanksgiving. This poem captures the charm of their innocent performances.

Tiny pilgrims, on a preschool stage,

Reciting lines, at such a tender age.

With hats and bonnets, they engage,

In Thanksgiving tales, page by page.


Little voices, shaking yet strong,

Telling of history, where thanks belong.

Through mishaps and giggles, the play prolongs,

Their spirit of gratitude, ever long.


As the curtain falls, applause does rise,

For these little stars, and their grand reprise.

Preschool’s Thanksgiving, a delightful surprise,

In every act, pure joy lies.

2. Preschool’s Handprint Turkeys

Crafting is a cherished activity in preschool. Here, the creation of handprint turkeys, a classic Thanksgiving craft, becomes a metaphor for individuality and growth.

Little hands, in paint they dip,

On paper pressed, a firm grip.

A turkey appears, with each fingertip,

Preschool memories, on an artful trip.


Feathers of color, vibrant and bold,

Each handprint, a story untold.

Of growth and learning, of being consoled,

Thanksgiving crafts, in young hands they hold.


Year after year, as they glance,

At handprints that once did dance.

Preschool’s Thanksgiving, a fleeting chance,

To cherish moments, in a thankful trance.

3. Circle Time Thanks

Circle time is a sacred ritual in preschool. This poem pays homage to those moments where children come together, sharing their simple Thanksgiving blessings.

In a circle, they all sit tight,

Preschool voices, light and bright.

Sharing thanks, with pure delight,

In the gentle morning light.


“Thankful for my teddy bear,”

“For mommy’s braids and daddy’s hair.”

Simple blessings, in the air,

Preschool gratitude, beyond compare.


Hand in hand, they softly sing,

Of harvest moons and autumn’s ring.

Preschool’s Thanksgiving, does bring,

Hearts together, in a thankful swing.

4. Little Pilgrims at Play

Preschool is a world of play and imagination. This poem dives into the fanciful world where children become little pilgrims, discovering the joy of Thanksgiving.

In the corner, a ship they sail,

Little pilgrims, on a grand tale.

Preschool adventures, without fail,

Bring Thanksgiving stories, without a curtail.


Feasts of toys, and pretend pie,

Underneath the classroom sky.

Laughter and songs, reaching high,

Thanksgiving dreams, in their eye.


In their play, true spirit is found,

Of gratitude, that knows no bound.

Preschool pilgrims, all around,

With Thanksgiving love, they’re crowned.

5. The Preschool Thanksgiving Parade

Parades are a quintessential part of Thanksgiving. This poem envisions a delightful parade, orchestrated entirely by preschoolers, celebrating in their particular way.

With paper hats, and crafts in tow,

Preschoolers march, in a row.

A parade of thanks, they bestow,

With every step, their faces glow.


Drums of boxes, flutes of straw,

In their parade, no flaw.

Celebrating gratitude, without a draw,

To the beat of their innocent awe.


Flags of handprints, and glitter galore,

Songs of harvest, legends of yore.

Preschool’s parade, is so much more,

A march of thanks, from the core.

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