100+ Plants That Start With Y (Complete List)

Plants That Start With Y

plants that start with y

Plants are sessile organisms that obtain their nutrients from soil, air, and water, and their lifecycle involves a complex interplay of pollinators, seed dispersers, and other ecological factors. Below is the list of plants starting with Y.

Plants That Start With Y

  1. Yuugao
  2. Yushania
  3. Yucca
  4. Yellowwood
  5. Yellowbark Oak
  6. Yellow Rocket
  7. Yellow Milkweed
  8. Yellow Harlequin
  9. Yellow Fumewort
  10. Yellow Fieldcress
  11. Yellow Daisy
  12. Yellow Corydalis
  13. Yellow Coneflower
  14. Yellow Birch
  15. Yarrow
  16. Yam

All Trees and Plants Beginning With Y

Plants That Start With YA

  1. yacca podocarp
  2. yanquapin
  3. yankee corn
  4. yautia
  5. yam family
  6. yam
  7. yaupon holly
  8. yardgrass
  9. yarrow
  10. yard grass
  11. yacca
  12. yam bean
  13. yam plant

Plants That Start With YO

  1. yorkshire fog

Plants That Start With YE

  1. yellow root
  2. yellow poplar
  3. yellow ironweed
  4. yellow paper daisy
  5. yellow watercress
  6. yellow pitcher plant
  7. yellow iris
  8. yellow asphodel
  9. yerba buena
  10. yellow clintonia
  11. yellow mariposa tulip
  12. yellow milkwort
  13. yellow loosestrife
  14. yellow mombin
  15. yellow locust
  16. yellow pimpernel
  17. yellow water lily
  18. yellow dock
  19. yellow berry
  20. yew family
  21. yellow bugle
  22. yellow cypress
  23. yellow squash
  24. yellow chestnut oak
  25. yellow foxtail
  26. yellow spruce
  27. yellow lupine
  28. yellow globe lily
  29. yellow mombin tree
  30. yellow pine
  31. yellow nutgrass
  32. yellow hawkweed
  33. yellow chamomile
  34. yellow ageratum
  35. yellow oak
  36. yellowwood tree
  37. yellow cleavers
  38. yellow colicroot
  39. yeast
  40. yellowwood
  41. yellow avens
  42. yerba mansa
  43. yellow water flag
  44. yellow spiny daisy
  45. yellow bristle grass
  46. yellow bedstraw
  47. yerba santa
  48. yellow jessamine
  49. yellow foxglove
  50. yellow salsify
  51. yellow birch
  52. yellow flag
  53. yellow pond lily
  54. yellow vetchling
  55. yellow granadilla
  56. yellow henbane
  57. yellow trefoil
  58. yellow parilla
  59. yellow trumpet
  60. yellow jacaranda
  61. yellow sweet clover
  62. yellow oleander
  63. yellow jasmine
  64. yellow pea
  65. yellow bristlegrass
  66. yellow giant hyssop
  67. yellow horned poppy
  68. yellow cattley guava
  69. yellow cedar
  70. yellow rocket
  71. yellow sand verbena
  72. yellow spot fungus
  73. yellow bells
  74. yew

Plants That Start With YU

  1. yucca carnerosana
  2. yucca glauca
  3. yucca filamentosa
  4. yucca baccata
  5. yucca whipplei
  6. yucca aloifolia
  7. yucca brevifolia
  8. yucca elata
  9. yucca smalliana
  10. yucca gloriosa
  11. yukon white birch
  12. yucca

Perennials that Start with Y

Common Name Botanical Name
Yellow archangel Lamiastrum
Yellow waxbells Kirengeshoma
Yellow loosestrife Lysimachia punctata
Yarrow Achillea spp.
Yellow pond lily Nuphar
Yucca Yucca

10 Plants Starting With Letter Y and Definitions)

Here are 10 plants starting with the letter “Y” along with a short definition for each one:

1. Yellowwood (Cladrastis lutea)

A medium-sized deciduous tree with clusters of fragrant, yellow or white flowers and attractive, smooth bark, often used for landscaping or as a shade tree.

2. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

A herbaceous perennial with fern-like leaves and clusters of small, white or pink flowers that bloom in the summer, often used in herbal medicine.

3. Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata)

A tropical tree with fragrant, yellow flowers that are often used in perfumes or aromatherapy products.

4. Yellow Lupine (Lupinus densiflorus)

A native wildflower with showy, yellow flowers that bloom in the spring and attract bees and other pollinators, often used in wildflower gardens or meadows.

5. Yellow Archangel (Lamiastrum galeobdolon)

A low-growing, herbaceous plant with yellow or variegated leaves and small, yellow flowers that is often used as a ground cover or for landscaping.

6. Yucca (Yucca spp.)

A group of drought-tolerant, evergreen plants with sword-like leaves and showy, white or cream-colored flowers that bloom in the summer.

7. Yellow Trillium (Trillium luteum)

A native woodland plant with three-part leaves and showy, yellow flowers that bloom in the spring, often grown for its ornamental value.

8. Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus)

A native wetland plant with tall, sword-like leaves and showy, yellow flowers that bloom in the summer, often used in pond or stream restoration projects.

9. Yellowroot (Xanthorhiza simplicissima)

A native shrub with clusters of small, yellow flowers and an attractive, fern-like foliage that is often used in herbal remedies.

10. Yellowhorn (Xanthoceras sorbifolium)

A small, deciduous tree with showy, white or pink flowers and edible, almond-flavored seeds that are often used in traditional Chinese medicine.

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