400+ Plants That Start With I (Complete List)

Plants That Start With I

plants that start with i

Plants have played a significant role in human culture and history, with many civilizations using them in religious rituals, as symbols of fertility, and in art and literature. Below is the list of plants starting with I.

Plants That Start With I

  • Ixora
  • Ixiolirion
  • Itea
  • Itchweed
  • Isopyrum
  • Isoplexis
  • Isle Of Man Cabbage
  • Isatis
  • Iris
  • Iresine
  • Ipomopsis
  • Ipheion
  • Iochroma
  • Inula
  • Inkberry Holly
  • Inkberry
  • Indigofera
  • Indian Posy
  • Indian Poke
  • Indian Paintbrush
  • Indian Hemp
  • Indian Arrowwood
  • Incarvillea
  • Imperata
  • Illicium
  • Idesia
  • Ibervillea

All Trees and Plants Beginning With I

Plants That Start With IB

  1. iberis
  2. ibolium privet
  3. ibota privet

Plants That Start With IL

  1. illicium
  2. illicium verum
  3. ilex
  4. ilex paraguariensis
  5. illicium floridanum
  6. iliamna ruvularis
  7. iliamna remota
  8. illecebrum
  9. illicium anisatum
  10. ilex decidua
  11. ilama
  12. ilex cornuta
  13. ilex glabra
  14. iliamna
  15. iliamna acerifolia
  16. ilama tree

Plants That Start With IN

  1. indian madder
  2. indian lettuce
  3. incense tree
  4. indian chocolate
  5. indian rhododendron
  6. indian currant
  7. incense cedar
  8. involucre
  9. indian salad
  10. inflorescence
  11. indian beet
  12. indian blackwood
  13. indian bean
  14. indian blanket
  15. indian banyan
  16. indian cress
  17. indian rattlebox
  18. inga laurina
  19. indian turnip
  20. indigo squill
  21. inga edulis
  22. indian pea
  23. indigofera tinctoria
  24. innocense
  25. indian paintbrush
  26. indian beech
  27. indian breadroot
  28. intermediate wheatgrass
  29. indian crocus
  30. indian button fern
  31. interrupted fern
  32. indigofera suffruticosa
  33. indian cherry
  34. indian rosewood
  35. indusium
  36. inga
  37. indian rhubarb
  38. indian senna
  39. indian potato
  40. indian mustard
  41. indigo broom
  42. indian shot
  43. indian arrowroot
  44. inky cap
  45. indian mallow
  46. indigo
  47. inkberry
  48. indian hemp
  49. indian poke
  50. internode
  51. inula
  52. indian pipe
  53. indian coral tree
  54. indian plantain
  55. incense wood
  56. indian pink
  57. indian chickweed
  58. incienso
  59. indian corn
  60. indigo plant
  61. interior live oak
  62. inula helenium
  63. indigofera
  64. indigofera anil
  65. indian lotus
  66. indian millet
  67. indian paint
  68. indian tobacco

Plants That Start With IP

  1. ipomoea orizabensis
  2. ipomoea alba
  3. ipomoea batatas
  4. ipomoea coccinea
  5. ipomoea quamoclit
  6. ipomoea
  7. ipomoea fastigiata
  8. ipomoea tricolor
  9. ipomoea imperialis
  10. ipomoea leptophylla
  11. ipomoea panurata
  12. ipomoea nil
  13. ipomoea purpurea

Plants That Start With IR

  1. iresine reticulata
  2. iresine
  3. iris persica
  4. iris verna
  5. iris pallida
  6. iris xiphium
  7. iron tree
  8. iris filifolia
  9. irvingia
  10. iris family
  11. ironwood tree
  12. iris tingitana
  13. irvingia gabonensis
  14. iris pseudacorus
  15. iris versicolor
  16. iris kochii
  17. iris
  18. irish strawberry
  19. iris virginica
  20. iridaceae
  21. irish gorse
  22. iris kaempferi
  23. iris foetidissima
  24. iris germanica
  25. iris florentina
  26. iron oak
  27. ironweed
  28. ironwood
  29. iresine herbstii
  30. iridaceous plant
  31. iris cristata
  32. iris xiphioides

Plants That Start With IC

  1. ice plant
  2. icaco
  3. icicle plant
  4. iceland moss
  5. iceland poppy
  6. iceland lichen

Plants That Start With IM

  1. imbauba
  2. imou pine
  3. impatiens capensis
  4. impala lily
  5. immortelle

Plants That Start With IS

  1. isatis tinctoria
  2. isatis
  3. isoetales
  4. isopyrum
  5. isoetaceae
  6. islay
  7. isopyrum biternatum
  8. isoetes

Plants That Start With ID

  1. idesia
  2. idria columnaris
  3. idesia polycarpa

Plants That Start With IT

  1. italian millet
  2. italian cypress
  3. italian woodbine
  4. italian ryegrass
  5. italian parsley
  6. italian rye
  7. italian clover

Plants That Start With IO

  1. iowa crab
  2. iowa crab apple

Plants That Start With IV

  1. ivy arum
  2. iva
  3. iva xanthifolia
  4. ivory nut
  5. ivory palm
  6. ivory plant
  7. ivory tree
  8. ivy family
  9. ivy
  10. ivy geranium

Plants That Start With IX

  1. ixia

Tropical Plants That Start With I

  • Icacinaceae
  • Iridaceae
  • Illiciaceae

House Plants | Indoor Plants That Start With I

  • Ivy Geranium
  • Impatiens
  • Inch Plant
  • Iresine
  • Ixoras
  • Iron Cross Begonia

Perennials that Start with I

Common Name Botanical Name
Indigo Indigofera
Ironweed Vernonia
Iris Japanese roof Iris tectorum
Iris Iris cristata
Interrupted fern Osmunda
Ixiolirion Ixiolirion
Ixia Ixia
Ice plant hardy Delosperma cooperi
Ipheion Ipheion
Iris Iris

20 Plants Starting With Letter I (Pictures and Short Definitions)

1. Iris

Iris plant

Iris is a flowering plant that produces showy, sword-shaped leaves and large, colorful blooms in shades of blue, purple, yellow, and white.

2. Ivy

Ivy plant

Ivy is a climbing vine that produces glossy, dark green leaves and is commonly used for ornamental purposes or as a ground cover.

3. Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe plant

Indian pipe is a non-photosynthetic plant that grows in dark, moist areas and produces white, bell-shaped flowers.

4. Impatiens

Impatiens plant

Impatiens is a flowering plant that produces bright, showy blooms in shades of pink, red, orange, and white.

5. Incense Cedar

Incense Cedar plant

Incense cedar is a coniferous tree that is native to the western United States and produces fragrant, reddish-brown wood.

6. Ipomoea

Ipomoea plant

Ipomoea is a genus of flowering plants that includes morning glories and sweet potatoes.

7. Irish Moss

Irish Moss plant

Irish moss is a type of seaweed that is commonly used in food products and as a natural thickener.

8. Ironweed

Ironweed plant

Ironweed is a flowering plant that produces tall, sturdy stems and large, purple or pink blooms.

9. Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn plant

Indian hawthorn is a shrub that is native to Asia and produces clusters of fragrant, pink or white flowers.

10. Ice Plant

Ice Plant

Ice plant is a succulent plant that produces colorful, daisy-like flowers and is commonly used as a groundcover or in rock gardens.

11. Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush Plant

Indian paintbrush is a flowering plant that produces clusters of brightly colored, tubular flowers and is often used in landscaping.

12. Impala Lily

Impala Lily Plant

Impala lily, also known as desert rose, is a succulent plant that produces large, showy flowers in shades of pink, red, and white.

13. Indian Cress

Indian Cress Plant

Indian cress, also known as nasturtium, is a flowering plant that produces bright, showy blooms in shades of yellow, orange, and red.

14. Inula

Inula Plant

Inula is a genus of flowering plants that produce large, yellow or orange flowers and are often used in herbal medicine.

15. Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress plant

Italian cypress is a tall, slender tree that is native to the Mediterranean region and is commonly used for landscaping.

16. Ixia

Ixia plant

Ixia is a genus of flowering plants that produce brightly colored, star-shaped flowers and are commonly grown as ornamental plants.

17. Indian Almond

Indian Almond plant

Indian almond is a tree that is native to tropical regions of Asia and produces edible nuts that are commonly used in cooking and baking.

18. Ironwood

Ironwood plant

Ironwood is a type of hardwood tree that is known for its strong, durable wood and is commonly used for building and construction.

19. Indigo

Indigo plant

Indigo is a type of plant that is used for producing a deep blue dye and is commonly grown in tropical regions.

20. Ivy Gourd

Ivy Gourd plant

Ivy gourd, also known as a baby watermelon, is a tropical vine that produces small, green fruit that is commonly used in Asian cuisine.

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