350+ Plants That Start With J (Complete List)

Plants That Start With J

plants that start with j

Plants are remarkable organisms that have the ability to adapt, evolve, and thrive in a wide range of conditions, making them essential to the continued health and survival of our planet. Below is the list of plants starting with J.

Plants That Start With J

  • Justicia
  • Juneberry
  • Juanulloa
  • Jovibarba
  • Jovellana
  • Jeffersonia
  • Jatropha
  • Jasione
  • Jancaea
  • Jamesia
  • Jacquemontia
  • Jacaranda
  • Jaborosa

All Trees and Plants Beginning With J

Plants That Start With JA

  1. jaboncillo
  2. japanese persimmon
  3. japanese oak
  4. japanese brome
  5. japanese lilac
  6. jacquinia keyensis
  7. japanese tree lilac
  8. japanese millet
  9. japanese black pine
  10. jaggery palm
  11. japanese wistaria
  12. jap clover
  13. java olives
  14. japanese hop
  15. japanese iris
  16. japanese chestnut
  17. japanese ivy
  18. japanese chess
  19. jacquinia armillaris
  20. japanese maple
  21. japanese table pine
  22. japan cedar
  23. jamaica caper tree
  24. jasmine tobacco
  25. jamaican cherry
  26. jasminum officinale
  27. japan bittersweet
  28. jack pine
  29. japanese radish
  30. jamesonia
  31. jatropha stimulosus
  32. japanese andromeda
  33. jack oak
  34. japanese quince
  35. japanese clover
  36. japanese apricot
  37. japanese lacquer tree
  38. japanese medlar
  39. japanese lawn grass
  40. japanese barberry
  41. jambosa
  42. jatropha curcus
  43. jafnea semitosta
  44. japanese leaf
  45. japanese varnish tree
  46. jamestown weed
  47. jatropha urens
  48. japan allspice
  49. java pepper
  50. jade vine
  51. japanese umbrella pine
  52. jagua
  53. japanese yew
  54. jacquinia
  55. japanese sumac
  56. jacaranda
  57. japanese poinsettia
  58. jamaica quassia
  59. jasminum mesnyi
  60. jalapeno
  61. japonica
  62. japanese cherry
  63. japanese allspice
  64. jaboticaba
  65. japanese pink
  66. jamaica dogwood
  67. jasminum
  68. japan clover
  69. jacobean lily
  70. japanese morning glory
  71. japanese spurge
  72. japanese banana
  73. japanese beech
  74. jackfruit tree
  75. japanese rose
  76. japanese lime
  77. jacksonia
  78. japanese snowbell
  79. japanese carpet grass
  80. jackfruit
  81. japanese red pine
  82. japanese leek
  83. japanese cedar
  84. japanese linden
  85. jamaica sorrel
  86. jasminum nudiflorum
  87. japanese angelica tree
  88. japanese bittersweet
  89. jamberry
  90. jasminum sambac
  91. jambos
  92. jatropha
  93. japanese pagoda tree
  94. jaboticaba tree
  95. japanese plum
  96. jack bean
  97. japanese privet
  98. jamaica bayberry
  99. jasmine

Plants That Start With JO

  1. jordan almond
  2. jocote
  3. jointed rush
  4. joint fir
  5. jointed charlock
  6. jonquil
  7. joewood
  8. johnson grass
  9. joshua tree

Plants That Start With JI

  1. jimson weed
  2. jimsonweed
  3. jiqui

Plants That Start With JE

  1. jerusalem sage
  2. jerusalem oak
  3. jewel orchid
  4. jewbush
  5. jellyleaf
  6. jewelweed
  7. jersey fern
  8. jersey pine
  9. jew bush
  10. jelly fungus
  11. jeffrey pine
  12. jersey knapweed
  13. jerusalem artichoke
  14. jerusalem thorn
  15. jessamine
  16. jersey elm
  1. jerusalem cherry

Plants That Start With JU

  1. juniperus virginiana
  2. jumby bead
  3. juniperus silicicola
  4. jumping bean
  5. juneberry holly
  6. jumbie bead
  7. juniper
  8. juncaginaceae
  9. juncus effusus
  10. jungermanniales
  11. juglans californica
  12. june grass
  13. juniperus
  14. juglans
  15. juniperus communis
  16. juniperus horizontalis
  17. juncus tenuis
  18. jumby tree
  19. juneberry
  20. jungermanniaceae
  21. jumby bean
  22. jumping orchid
  23. jujube bush
  24. juglandaceae
  25. juncus articulatus
  26. jumping seed
  27. jupaty
  28. juniper bush
  29. juncus
  30. juniper berry
  31. jujube
  32. juniperus flaccida
  33. juniperus procera
  34. juglans nigra
  35. juglans regia
  36. jupati
  37. juglans cinerea
  38. jupati palm
  39. juncus bufonius
  40. juniperus bermudiana
  41. juniperus sabina
  42. juncus inflexus
  43. juncus leseurii
  44. judas tree
  45. juglandales
  46. juncaceae

Tropical Plants That Start With J

  • Juglandaceae
  • Juncaceae

House Plants | Indoor Plants That Start With J

  • Juncus Corkscrew Rush
  • Jasmine Plant
  • Janet Craig Dracaena
  • Japanese Aralia
  • Jerusalem Cherry
  • Jade Plant

Perennials that Start with J

Common Name Botanical Name
Jacob’s ladder Polemonium
Joe-pye weed Eupatorium
Jacob’s rod Asphodeline
Jack-in-the-pulpit Arisaema
Japanese Aster Kalimeris
Johnny Jump up Viola

20 Plants Starting With Letter J (Pictures and Short Definitions)

1. Jasmine

Jasmine plant

Jasmine is a fragrant flowering plant that is popular for its delicate, white or yellow flowers. It is commonly used in perfumes, teas, and essential oils.

2. Juniper

Juniper plant

Juniper is a coniferous shrub or tree that is known for its blue or green berries, which are used in gin production. The plant is also used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

3. Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke plant

Jerusalem artichoke is a type of sunflower that is cultivated for its edible tubers. It is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

4. Japanese maple

Japanese maple plant

Japanese maple is a small, deciduous tree that is known for its attractive, colorful foliage. It is a popular ornamental tree in gardens and landscaping.

5. Jade plant

Jade plant

The Jade plant, also known as Crassula ovata, is a succulent plant that is often grown as a houseplant. It is easy to care for and has fleshy, oval-shaped leaves that are a bright green color.

6. Jicama

Jicama plant

Jicama is a root vegetable that is popular in Mexican cuisine. It has a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet taste, and is often used in salads or as a healthy snack.

7. Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed plant

Japanese knotweed is a invasive species of plant that is known for its ability to grow rapidly and destroy natural habitats. It is difficult to eradicate and can cause damage to buildings and infrastructure.

8. Jacob’s ladder

Jacobs ladder plant

Jacob’s ladder is a perennial plant that produces clusters of blue or white flowers in the spring. It is often grown as a decorative plant in gardens.

9. Joe-Pye weed

Joe Pye weed plant

Joe-Pye weed is a tall, native plant that produces clusters of pink or purple flowers in late summer. It is a popular plant for attracting butterflies and other pollinators.

10. Johnny jump-up

Johnny jump up plant

Johnny jump-up, also known as Viola tricolor, is a small, colorful flower that is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. It is a member of the viola family and produces small, dainty flowers that come in a variety of colors.

11. Jackfruit

Jackfruit plant

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is known for its large size and sweet, fruity flavor. It is often used as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes because of its meaty texture.

12. Jewelweed

Jewelweed plant

Jewelweed, also known as Impatiens capensis, is a flowering plant that is native to North America. It is commonly used as a natural remedy for poison ivy and other skin irritations.

13. Jerusalem sage

Jerusalem sage plant

Jerusalem sage is a perennial herb that produces clusters of yellow or white flowers in the summer. It is often grown as a decorative plant in gardens.

14. Japanese yew

Japanese yew plant

Japanese yew is a coniferous shrub or tree that is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. It is poisonous to humans and animals and should be handled with care.

15. Jimsonweed

Jimsonweed plant

Jimsonweed, also known as Datura stramonium, is a poisonous plant that is native to North America. It produces large, white, or purple flowers and has been used in traditional medicine for its hallucinogenic properties.

16. Japanese anemone

Japanese anemone plant

Japanese anemone is a flowering plant that produces white, pink, or purple flowers in the late summer or early fall. It is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens.

17. Jupiter’s beard

Jupiters beard plant

Jupiter’s beard, also known as Centranthus ruber, is a perennial plant that produces clusters of pink or red flowers in the summer. It is often grown as a decorative plant in gardens and is known for its attractive foliage.

18. Java fern

Java fern plant

Java fern, also known as Microsorum pteropus, is a popular aquatic plant that is often used in aquariums. It has long, flowing leaves that can grow up to 13 inches in length.

19. Japanese quince

Japanese quince plant

Japanese quince is a deciduous shrub that produces bright red or orange flowers in the spring. It is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and is known for its attractive fruit.

20. Jerusalem cherry

Jerusalem cherry plant

Jerusalem cherry is a small, ornamental plant that produces bright red berries in the fall. The plant is poisonous to humans and animals, and should be handled with care. It is often grown as a houseplant or in outdoor gardens.

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