Opposite Of Virtue, Antonyms of Virtue (Example Sentences)

Type: Noun

Meaning/Definition of virtue: Noun referring to behavior showing high moral standards or principles; a good or desirable quality or attribute.

What is the Opposite of virtue?

The Opposite of virtue is vice.

Other Opposites of virtue:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of virtue:

  • at fault
  • corruption
  • culpable
  • culpable
  • debauchery
  • delinquent
  • depravity
  • evil
  • fallen
  • guilty
  • immorality
  • impertinence
  • impudence
  • indecency
  • misbehavior
  • ribaldry
  • rudeness
  • vice
  • wicked

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “virtue”:

  1. His actions reflected vice rather than virtue.
  2. The character in the movie was consumed by immorality.
  3. Engaging in such behavior is considered a sin.
  4. The politician’s actions revealed corruption.
  5. The antagonist’s motives were driven by evil intentions.
  6. The protagonist was tempted by wickedness.
  7. The speaker’s dishonesty undermined their claim of virtue.
  8. The city was known for its depravity and lawlessness.
  9. The company’s practices reflected vice rather than ethical behavior.
  10. The individual’s choices reflected a life of sinfulness.

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