Opposite of Like, Antonyms of Like (Example Sentences)

Type: Preposition/Verb

Meaning/Definition of Like: Preposition denoting similarity or comparison, or a verb expressing enjoyment or preference for something.

What is the Opposite of Like?

The Opposite of Like is Dislike.

Other Opposites of Like

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of like:

  • Be repelled by
  • Object to
  • Not care for
  • Not take kindly to
  • Be hostile to
  • Have enough of
  • Feel malice to
  • Be averse to
  • Loathe
  • Don’t like
  • Disapprove of
  • Disdain
  • Be disgusted with
  • Have an aversion to
  • Disrelish
  • Mind
  • Disfavour
  • Hate
  • Despise
  • Can’t stand
  • Frown on
  • Resent
  • Have no stomach for
  • Abhor
  • Be loath to
  • Have hard feelings
  • Disapprove
  • Deride
  • Spit upon
  • Be turned off to
  • Scorn
  • Look down on
  • Abominate
  • Shudder at
  • Spurn
  • Be sick of
  • Detest
  • Have no use for
  • Disparage
  • Shun
  • Disfavor
  • Dislike
  • Have no taste for
  • Deplore
  • Grossed out on
  • Recoil from

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Like:

  1. She doesn’t dislike him; they’re just not close friends.
  2. The taste of the cake was unlike anything she had tried before.
  3. I enjoy spicy food, but he prefers something mild.
  4. The two siblings have different personalities and interests.
  5. While I prefer tea, she prefers coffee in the morning.
  6. He doesn’t hate the movie, but he didn’t find it enjoyable either.
  7. She favors classical music, while he prefers rock.
  8. The dress was unsimilar to anything she had in her wardrobe.
  9. The two paintings were dissimilar in style and subject matter.
  10. Her taste in fashion is opposite to her sister’s.

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