Opposite Of Friendly, Antonyms of Friendly (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of friendly: Adjective describing someone or something that is kind, amicable, or favorably disposed towards others.

What is the Opposite of friendly?

The Opposite of friendly is hostile.

Other Opposites of friendly:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of friendly:

  • unfriendly
  • virulent
  • unkind
  • like an enemy
  • dissident
  • opposing
  • oppositional
  • antagonistic
  • defiant
  • hostile
  • adversary
  • rival
  • antagonist
  • foe
  • enemy
  • opponent
  • unamiable
  • chill
  • frosty
  • unsociable
  • unsocial

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “friendly”:

  1. The atmosphere became hostile after the argument.
  2. He was unfriendly and refused to engage in conversation.
  3. She appeared aloof and uninterested in socializing.
  4. Their cold behavior made others uncomfortable.
  5. He kept a distant attitude towards his colleagues.
  6. The discussion turned antagonistic as opposing views clashed.
  7. The cashier was rude and dismissive to the customers.
  8. Their unpleasant demeanor created a tense atmosphere.
  9. The reception at the party was inhospitable and unwelcoming.
  10. He seemed unapproachable and unwilling to interact.

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