Learn 20 Expressions Related to Mourning

Mourning the loss of a loved one is a profoundly personal and emotional experience. Expressions related to mourning help convey the depth of sorrow, grief, and remembrance that accompany such times. Here are 20 meaningful expressions that capture the essence of mourning.

1. In Deep Mourning

Meaning: Experiencing profound grief
Example Sentence: She is in deep mourning for her late husband.

2. Pay One’s Last Respects

Meaning: Show final tribute
Example Sentence: They gathered to pay their last respects.

3. Heart-Wrenching Loss

Meaning: Extremely distressing loss
Example Sentence: The news of his passing was a heart-wrenching loss.

4. Grieve Over

Meaning: Feel deep sorrow
Example Sentence: She grieves over the loss of her friend.

5. Come to Terms With

Meaning: Accept a difficult reality
Example Sentence: It took years to come to terms with her death.

6. Bear the Brunt

Meaning: Endure the worst part
Example Sentence: He bore the brunt of their father’s death.

7. Cross to Bear

Meaning: Personal burden of grief
Example Sentence: Losing a child is her cross to bear.

8. Break Down in Tears

Meaning: Start crying uncontrollably
Example Sentence: She broke down in tears at the funeral.

9. Lay to Rest

Meaning: Bury the deceased
Example Sentence: They laid him to rest in the family plot.

10. Kept a Stiff Upper Lip

Meaning: Maintain composure
Example Sentence: He kept a stiff upper lip throughout the ceremony.

11. Light a Candle for

Meaning: Honor the deceased
Example Sentence: They lit a candle for her every evening.

12. Mourn the Loss

Meaning: Feel sorrow for a death
Example Sentence: The whole community mourned the loss of their leader.

13. Hold a Vigil

Meaning: Keep watch in mourning
Example Sentence: They held a vigil outside her home.

14. Wear One’s Heart on One’s Sleeve

Meaning: Show emotions openly
Example Sentence: He wore his heart on his sleeve after his mother died.

15. Lost to the World

Meaning: Withdraw in grief
Example Sentence: She was lost to the world after his death.

16. Carry a Torch For

Meaning: Keep loving the deceased
Example Sentence: He still carries a torch for his late wife.

17. Cry One’s Eyes Out

Meaning: Cry intensely
Example Sentence: She cried her eyes out at the memorial.

18. Feel the Weight of the World

Meaning: Overwhelmed by grief
Example Sentence: After the loss, he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders.

19. Ghost of a Chance

Meaning: Very little hope
Example Sentence: They had a ghost of a chance of recovering from their loss.

20. Speak in Eulogy

Meaning: Give a speech in praise of the deceased
Example Sentence: He spoke in eulogy at his brother’s funeral.

Expressions Related to Mourning