Learn 20 Expressions Related to Health

Understanding health-related idioms and phrasal verbs can enhance your English communication, especially when discussing health and wellness. This post introduces 20 commonly used expressions, helping you to better express health-related concerns and situations in everyday conversations.

1. Under the weather

Meaning: Feeling unwell
Example: She’s feeling under the weather today.

2. In good shape

Meaning: Physically fit
Example: He is in good shape after exercising.

3. Kick the habit

Meaning: Quit a bad habit
Example: He decided to kick the smoking habit.

4. Break out

Meaning: Develop a skin condition
Example: She broke out in a rash.

5. Come down with

Meaning: Start to suffer from an illness
Example: He’s come down with a cold.

6. Fight off

Meaning: Resist an illness
Example: She’s fighting off the flu.

7. Run down

Meaning: Feeling exhausted
Example: He’s feeling run down lately.

8. Bounce back

Meaning: Recover quickly
Example: She bounced back from her illness.

9. Pass out

Meaning: Faint
Example: He passed out from the heat.

10. Pull through

Meaning: Survive a serious illness
Example: She pulled through the surgery successfully.

11. Shake off

Meaning: Get rid of an illness
Example: He can’t shake off his cold.

12. Feel up to

Meaning: Feel well enough to do something
Example: She doesn’t feel up to going out today.

13. Take a turn for the worse

Meaning: Health deteriorates
Example: His condition took a turn for the worse.

14. On the mend

Meaning: Recovering
Example: She’s on the mend after her surgery.

15. Catch a bug

Meaning: Contract a minor illness
Example: He caught a stomach bug last week.

16. Come around

Meaning: Regain consciousness
Example: He came around after fainting.

17. Let up

Meaning: Pain or symptoms decrease
Example: The pain let up after medication.

18. Come to

Meaning: Regain consciousness
Example: She came to after the accident.

19. Put on weight

Meaning: Gain weight
Example: He put on weight during the holidays.

20. Throw up

Meaning: Vomit
Example: She threw up after eating bad food.

Expressions Related to Health