Learn 20 Expressions Related to Marriage

Marriage is a journey filled with unique experiences and challenges. Understanding the expressions related to marriage can help you navigate this journey with better communication and clarity. Here are 20 essential expressions every couple should know.

1. Tie the knot

Meaning: Get married
Example: They decided to tie the knot in June.

2. Walk down the aisle

Meaning: Get married
Example: She walked down the aisle with a smile.

3. Pop the question

Meaning: Propose marriage
Example: He popped the question during dinner.

4. Settle down

Meaning: Start a family
Example: They want to settle down soon.

5. Take the plunge

Meaning: Get married
Example: They finally took the plunge last summer.

6. Hitched

Meaning: Married
Example: They got hitched in a small chapel.

7. Cold feet

Meaning: Nervous before wedding
Example: She got cold feet before the wedding.

8. Marital bliss

Meaning: Happiness in marriage
Example: They are enjoying marital bliss.

9. On the rocks

Meaning: Troubled relationship
Example: Their marriage is on the rocks.

10. Better half

Meaning: Spouse
Example: He introduced her as his better half.

11. Blushing bride

Meaning: Happy bride
Example: The blushing bride looked radiant.

12. Shotgun wedding

Meaning: Hasty marriage
Example: It was a shotgun wedding.

13. Jump the broom

Meaning: Get married
Example: They jumped the broom in a beautiful ceremony.

14. Make a commitment

Meaning: Promise to marry
Example: They made a commitment to each other.

15. Take vows

Meaning: Exchange marriage promises
Example: They took their vows seriously.

16. Till death do us part

Meaning: Lifelong commitment
Example: They vowed till death do us part.

17. Leave at the altar

Meaning: Abandon before wedding
Example: She left him at the altar.

18. Love nest

Meaning: Home for newlyweds
Example: They moved into their love nest.

19. Ball and chain

Meaning: Spouse (humorous)
Example: He jokingly called her his ball and chain.

20. Match made in heaven

Meaning: Perfect couple
Example: They are a match made in heaven.

Expressions Related to Marriage