Learn 20 Expressions Related to Celebration

Celebrating achievements, milestones, and special occasions is a universal practice. To add more color and expressiveness to your conversations about celebrations, it’s useful to know a variety of expressions. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that perfectly capture the joy and excitement of celebrating.

1. Paint the Town Red

Meaning: Celebrate wildly
Example: Let’s paint the town red tonight to celebrate!

2. Throw a Party

Meaning: Host a celebration
Example: They threw a party for her promotion.

3. Live It Up

Meaning: Enjoy life fully
Example: We decided to live it up

4. Kick Up One’s Heels

Meaning: Celebrate and enjoy
Example: She kicked up her heels at the festival.

5. Raise a Toast

Meaning: Celebrate with a drink
Example: Let’s raise a toast to their success!

6. Ring in the New Year

Meaning: Celebrate the New Year
Example: We always ring in the New Year together.

7. Have a Ball

Meaning: Have a great time
Example: We had a ball at the anniversary party.

8. Pop the Champagne

Meaning: Celebrate with champagne
Example: They popped the champagne after the win.

9. Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Meaning: Celebrate intensely
Example: They partied like there’s no tomorrow.

10. Cut Loose

Meaning: Let go and celebrate
Example: It’s time to cut loose and have fun.

11. Dance the Night Away

Meaning: Celebrate by dancing
Example: They danced the night away at the wedding.

12. Whoop It Up

Meaning: Celebrate noisily
Example: The crowd whooped it up after the game.

13. Let One’s Hair Down

Meaning: Relax and celebrate
Example: She let her hair down at the reunion.

14. Pop the Cork

Meaning: Open champagne to celebrate
Example: We popped the cork to celebrate the news.

15. Throw a Bash

Meaning: Host a big party
Example: They threw a bash for his birthday.

16. Paint the Town

Meaning: Celebrate in the city
Example: Let’s paint the town this weekend.

17. Celebrate in Style

Meaning: Celebrate lavishly
Example: They celebrated in style at the gala.

18. Toast to Someone/Something

Meaning: Drink in celebration
Example: We toasted to their engagement.

19. Kick Off the Festivities

Meaning: Start celebrating
Example: They kicked off the festivities with fireworks.

20. Mark the Occasion

Meaning: Celebrate a special event
Example: They marked the occasion with a grand feast.

Expressions Related to Celebration