30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Taken

Funny Ways to Say You’re Taken

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Taken:

  1. Occupied like a bathroom stall!
  2. Sorry, I’m already someone’s snack!
  3. Taken, not shaken or stirred.
  4. All aboard the love train, but no more tickets left!
  5. Booked like a five-star restaurant on a Saturday night!
  6. Reserved like the best table in town!
  7. My heart’s in a no-parking zone.
  8. VIP section’s full!
  9. Picked up at the love lost and found!
  10. Heart’s under new management!
  11. Someone beat you to the checkout!
  12. Seat’s taken, Forrest Gump style!
  13. Already part of a two-piece set!
  14. Full capacity. No vacancies!
  15. This item is out of stock!
  16. Sorry, I’m in high demand!
  17. Already singing a duet!
  18. Rented out for the foreseeable future.
  19. I’m like a library book – checked out!
  20. Sorry, this ride is already in motion!
  21. Like the best movies – all sold out!
  22. Taken faster than free donuts at the office!
  23. Fully subscribed, like a hit podcast!
  24. Someone’s already swiped right in real life!
  25. On a lifelong lease!
  26. Already have a co-pilot for this ride.
  27. Heart’s been reserved with a non-refundable deposit!
  28. This fish has been caught!
  29. No more applications being accepted!
  30. Off the menu!


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