30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Single

Funny Ways to Say You’re Single

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Single:

  1. My other half is pizza.
  2. Still in the free trial period of love.
  3. Table for one, life for fun!
  4. Happily unavailable.
  5. Not currently under romantic surveillance.
  6. I have 99 problems, but a partner ain’t one.
  7. Self-partnered and loving it!
  8. Unclaimed treasure.
  9. Rolling solo on the relationship highway.
  10. Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.
  11. My relationship status is ‘reserved for food’.
  12. Captain of the SS Singleton.
  13. On a solitary journey to the fridge.
  14. Party of one and it’s a blast!
  15. In a committed relationship with freedom.
  16. My love life’s like a unicorn – mythical.
  17. Flying solo in the airspace of life.
  18. I’ve got the only heart I need to handle right now.
  19. Riding single on the relationship roller coaster!
  20. Too cool for Plus One.
  21. My plus one is Netflix.
  22. Romantically challenged.
  23. Currently dating myself. It’s going quite well.
  24. Living in Singleville and the weather’s great!
  25. In a relationship with adventure.
  26. Still auditioning candidates for the role of ‘Significant Other’.
  27. VIP of the Independence Club.
  28. Solo artist on the love track.
  29. Holding auditions for my co-star in the movie of life.
  30. On a quest to find the missing sock of my love life.


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