30 Funny Ways to Say Someone Is Smart

Funny Ways to Say Someone Is Smart

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Someone Is Smart:

  1. They’ve got more brainpower than a nuclear plant.
  2. If brains were dynamite, they’d blow the world apart!
  3. They didn’t just get a slice of the genius pie; they got the whole thing.
  4. Their brain must be on steroids!
  5. They’ve got more noodles upstairs than an Italian restaurant.
  6. That noggin of theirs runs on premium fuel only.
  7. Their gray matter’s overachieving.
  8. They must have swallowed a computer chip as a kid.
  9. Einstein would’ve asked them for help with his homework.
  10. Their brain’s so big, it’s got its own gravitational pull.
  11. Their head must be crowded with all those brains.
  12. I bet their cerebellum has a six-pack!
  13. If smarts were currency, they’d be Bill Gates.
  14. Their neurons must have a turbo button.
  15. They’ve got enough brain cells to power a small city.
  16. Their mind is like Google on hyperdrive.
  17. Brainier than a Mensa convention.
  18. Sherlock Holmes would be their sidekick.
  19. They’ve got a PhD in Everything.
  20. If their brain was any sharper, it’d cut diamonds.
  21. That thinker of theirs is top-shelf material.
  22. Must be hard walking around with that big galaxy brain.
  23. Their cerebrum must be sipping espressos.
  24. The motherboard of their mind is next-level.
  25. IQ is so high, it needs its own zip code.
  26. Their mental gears are greased with genius.
  27. Probably uses lightning bolts as brainwaves.
  28. They’ve got the wit of ten!
  29. I’m pretty sure their last name is Smarty McSmartFace.
  30. Light bulbs must get jealous of their brilliance.


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