30 Funny Ways to Say It’s Hot Outside

Funny Ways to Say It’s Hot Outside

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say It’s Hot Outside:

  1. It’s so hot, even the sun is sweating!
  2. It’s like an oven out there, without the delicious food.
  3. I stepped outside and instantly turned into a puddle.
  4. The weather’s giving hot yoga a whole new meaning.
  5. I broke a sweat just thinking about going outside.
  6. If I were a snowflake, I’d be a puddle by now.
  7. If I were a snowman, I’d be having a meltdown right about now.
  8. It’s so hot, even the ice cubes are looking for shade.
  9. I’m half-expecting to see dragons flying around—it’s that fiery.
  10. The sun’s turning everyone into crispy critters.
  11. The air is so thick, I’m pretty sure I’m breathing in soup.
  12. My phone just sent me a too hot to handle warning.
  13. Is it hot enough to melt my worries away? Asking for a friend.
  14. The sidewalks are lava; don’t touch them!
  15. I thought about wearing a winter coat to cool off by contrast.
  16. Are we on planet Hotzoid? It sure feels like it.
  17. Even the popsicles are like, Nope, can’t handle this!
  18. Time to grill some marshmallows on the pavement!
  19. I could use a sun hat and a portable fan for my entire body.
  20. Time to fry an egg on the sidewalk and call it breakfast.
  21. Is it hot out here or did I accidentally wander into a sauna?
  22. Global warming’s having a field day today, apparently.
  23. The heat’s turned the sidewalks into instant foot saunas.
  24. My sunscreen’s working overtime in this heat.
  25. I saw a chicken lay an omelet on the sidewalk—it’s that hot!
  26. It’s hotter than a jalapeño’s salsa dance in here.
  27. The weather’s doing its best sauna impression—towels, please!
  28. I’m considering using my car as a sauna.
  29. It’s so hot, my ice cream melted before I could take a bite.
  30. Someone tell the sun it’s not auditioning for a BBQ commercial!


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Funny Ways to Say It's Hot Outside