30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Dance

Funny Ways to Say No To A Dance

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Dance:

  1. I’m on a dancing diet. Watching my step count.
  2. I just applied foot deodorant. Can’t smear it!
  3. Only if we can dance like no one’s watching… literally.
  4. I dance like a potato. Trust me.
  5. My dancing shoes are still buffering.
  6. Only if we can dance like chickens.
  7. I just got my groove vaccinated.
  8. I’m in invisible mode today.
  9. My other foot is in the shop.
  10. I’m currently in ‘observation mode’.
  11. I’m dancing in my mind, and trust me, it’s epic!
  12. I’ve got two left feet and they’re both tired.
  13. Only if we can moonwalk the whole time.
  14. Gravity and I, we’re having issues today.
  15. I’ll join if there’s a nap break in between.
  16. Watch out, my moves are contagious!
  17. I’m in airplane mode: no connections allowed.
  18. I’d rather not break the dance floor… or my ego.
  19. I’ve been advised to limit my boogies.
  20. I dance only on days that don’t end in ‘Y’.
  21. I save my best moves for the shower.
  22. Last time I danced, I was mistaken for a distressed seal.
  23. I’ve reached my quota of embarrassing moments today.
  24. I dance to my own beat… in my dreams.
  25. Only if you promise not to laugh… too much!
  26. I’m practicing social non-dancing right now.
  27. I promised my shoes a rest tonight.
  28. I’m saving my moves for the apocalypse.
  29. My dance card’s full… with rest breaks.
  30. I’m allergic to rhythm today.


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Funny Ways to Say No To A Dance