30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Nervous

Funny Ways to Say You’re Nervous

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Nervous:

  1. Feeling like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  2. I’m sweating like a sinner in church.
  3. Feeling like a phone on vibrate mode.
  4. Sweating bullets… and they’re jumbo-sized.
  5. It’s a full-blown jitter jamboree in here.
  6. My nerve-o-meter just broke its scale!
  7. I’m about two ticks away from a twitch fest.
  8. It’s code red in the nerve department!
  9. My insides are doing the hokey pokey.
  10. I’ve got more shakes than a smoothie bar.
  11. My nerves are doing the cha-cha.
  12. I’m channeling my inner nervous squirrel.
  13. I’m rocking the nervous narwhal dance.
  14. My nerves are more tangled than earbuds in a pocket.
  15. My nerves are more jumpy than a kangaroo on caffeine.
  16. I’ve got the heebie-jeebies and the jeebie-heebies.
  17. I’m like a fish out of water… if the fish was super anxious.
  18. Feel like I’ve swallowed a live fish.
  19. I’ve got that squirmy wormy feeling.
  20. I’m winding up like a top ready to spin.
  21. More twisted up than a pretzel!
  22. I’ve got butterflies on steroids!
  23. I’m as edgy as a pizza cutter.
  24. My stomach’s throwing a rave without my permission.
  25. I’ve got the wobbly wibblies.
  26. Heart’s playing hopscotch in my chest.
  27. I’m like toast without a toaster – about to pop!
  28. I’m more wired than a robot’s breakfast.
  29. I’m on edge like a bookend.
  30. I’ve got jitters with extra glitter.


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