30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Not Pregnant

Funny Ways to Say You’re Not Pregnant

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re Not Pregnant

  1. No baby on board, just snacks, and good vibes!
  2. Not expecting a plus one in the belly department.
  3. My body’s still on vacation from baby-making.
  4. Just hosting a food baby, is not the real deal.
  5. My uterus is on a no-rent policy at the moment.
  6. Not pregnant, just practicing my food-baby routine.
  7. I’m more into growing plants than humans right now.
  8. No bun in the oven, just a craving for actual buns.
  9. My uterus is on a break, catching up on Netflix.
  10. No need for a diaper budget, just chocolate funds.
  11. My future is all about fur babies, not human ones.
  12. No baby carriage, just a cart full of ice cream.
  13. My belly’s all mine; no baby co-pilots.
  14. No mini-me in the making, just me being me.
  15. My body’s a baby-free sanctuary for now.
  16. Not expecting, just experiencing some food experiments.
  17. No baby announcements, just memes and GIFs.
  18. Not expecting, but I am expecting my pizza delivery.
  19. My future is baby-free, and I’m loving it.
  20. My life is currently baby-free, stress-free, and drama-free.
  21. My womb’s currently a baby-free zone.
  22. No crib assembly is required at the moment.
  23. No tiny feet kicking, just my dancing shoes on.
  24. The stork missed my address this time around.
  25. No nursery planning, just some self-care indulging.
  26. Not preggo, just prepped for a good nap.
  27. Just enjoying the perks of a baby-less life.
  28. No pregnancy here, just a lot of pizza consumption.
  29. The only thing growing here is my collection of bad jokes.
  30. No baby bump, just a good ol’ belly laugh.


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