30 Funny Ways to Say Winner

Funny Ways to Say Winner

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Winner:

  1. Champ-a-doodle-doo!
  2. Top Banana!
  3. Victorious Viper!
  4. Conqueror of All Things!
  5. Supreme Overlord of Success!
  6. The Ultimate Triumphant Turtle!
  7. Grand Poobah of Winning!
  8. Master of the Universe!
  9. Kingpin of Victory!
  10. Sultan of Successville!
  11. Grandmaster of Greatness!
  12. Lord of the Rings (and Everything Else)!
  13. Captain Triumph!
  14. Chief of Champions!
  15. Boss of the Bosses!
  16. Reigning Monarch of Triumph!
  17. Head Honcho of Victory Lane!
  18. Supreme Commander of Winning Tactics!
  19. Heroic Conqueror of Challenges!
  20. Chief Victory Officer!
  21. Grand Exalted Master of Success!
  22. Emperor of Excellence!
  23. Top Dog in the Winner’s Circle!
  24. Majestic Ruler of Accomplishment!
  25. Big Kahuna of Victory Island!
  26. Admiral of Achievement!
  27. Doyen of Dominance!
  28. Head Hunter of Happiness!
  29. Sir/Madam Accomplishment!
  30. Crowned Conqueror of Competitions!


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