30 Funny Ways to Say Who Asked

Funny Ways to Say Who Asked

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Who Asked:

  1. Did I accidentally press the “random facts” button?
  2. Is my name Google? Because that sounded like an unrequested search.
  3. Did my “Ask Me” sign light up?
  4. Should I have checked my mail for that invitation?
  5. Was there an echo in here?
  6. Did you just drop off a sample from the “Things I Didn’t Request” collection?
  7. Oh, was that a sneak peek into your brain?
  8. There seems to be an unsolicited fact fairy here.
  9. Hold on, I dropped my interest… Nope, can’t find it.
  10. I must’ve missed the invitation to this monologue.
  11. Somewhere a tree is tirelessly producing oxygen for you. Thank them.
  12. Was that part of the free trial or did I pay for that info?
  13. Did I swipe right on that tidbit? Nope.
  14. Wait, let me check my “Care-O-Meter”… It’s empty.
  15. Was that on today’s agenda?
  16. Did the universe mail me that info and I missed it?
  17. Paging Dr. Irrelevant!
  18. Were you just testing out your vocal cords?
  19. Thanks for the weather update from Left Field!
  20. Lost my ticket to that conversation.
  21. Hold on, checking for who asked… The results came back negative.
  22. The crickets called. They’re interested.
  23. Wait, did I accidentally subscribe to random info?
  24. Oh, was that a fun fact from the middle of nowhere?
  25. Oh, was today’s “Tell Me Stuff I Didn’t Ask For” day?
  26. Was that in the newsletter I didn’t subscribe to?
  27. Was that a pop quiz?
  28. Is this “Unasked Ted Talks”?
  29. I think my interest got lost in the mail.
  30. Was that a special delivery of unsolicited info?


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