30 Funny Ways to Say Will You Be My Valentine

Funny Ways to Say Will You Be My Valentine

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Will You Be My Valentine:

  1. Want to be the peanut butter to my jelly this Valentine’s?
  2. Will you be the marshmallow to my hot cocoa?
  3. How about we make it Facebook official for Feb 14th?
  4. Fancy being my partner in crime… for Valentine’s Day?
  5. Be my Valentine? There’s a 99% chance of chocolates.
  6. Netflix, snacks, and chill? Valentine’s edition?
  7. Ready to tolerate me for one special day?
  8. Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck at poems, be my Valentine, would you?
  9. Fancy getting love-struck? Be my Valentine!
  10. Want to be my PIC (Partner in Chocolate) this Valentine’s?
  11. Can I book you for Feb 14th? Accepting chocolates as bribes!
  12. How’d you feel about sharing a pizza and my heart?
  13. I promise not to use cheesy pickup lines if you’ll be mine.
  14. You, me, a couch. Are Valentine’s Day plans sorted?
  15. ..fancy splitting a dessert this Valentine’s?
  16. Cupid called. He says we’ve got a date.
  17. Got plans for Valentine’s? How about being adored by me?
  18. Looking for someone to share my fries with. Interested?
  19. Roses are mainstream. Want some gummy bears and my love?
  20. Got space in your calendar for some romantic shenanigans?
  21. Let’s make Cupid jealous. Be my Valentine!
  22. Be mine, or I’ll eat all the chocolates myself!
  23. How about we make this Valentine’s legendary?
  24. Fancy being the reason I wear silly grins all day?
  25. Would you be the cream of my coffee this Valentine’s?
  26. Feel like making some mediocre Valentine’s Day decisions with me?
  27. Can I woo you, without the woo-woos, this Feb 14th?
  28. Two spoons, one dessert. Interested?
  29. Join my single’s club? Oops, I mean…be my Valentine?
  30. Fancy a front-row seat to my Valentine’s Day dance moves?


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Funny Ways to Say Will You Be My Valentine