50+ Other Ways to Say Let’s Hang Out

Most of us are always on the lookout for ways to hang out with our friends and family that don’t involve going to the same places or doing the same things. But it’s not just about switching up your plans, it’s also about making sure you’re able to find new and interesting activities that will keep everyone energized. Whether you’re looking for something low-key like watching a movie together at home or something more exciting like taking a weekend road trip, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to say “Let’s Hang Out!”

In this blog post, we’ll explore other unique ideas from people who have successfully hosted memorable gatherings full of fun memories!

Let’s Hang Out


(to spend time together)

Let’s Hang Out is an informal expression used to invite someone to spend time socializing, often with the intention of having fun. It can be used for a variety of activities like going out for dinner, watching movies, or simply just hanging out and talking.

By using this phrase, you are expressing your desire to spend quality time with someone

Synonyms of Let’s Hang Out

team uphang outget in on
accompanybuddy uptie-up
get togetherjoinget into
tie ingo, partnersconfederate
be friendsrun withhobnob
amalgamatebunch upswing with
join up withcome togethergang up
truck withrun around withtake up with
pal upget in withbe in cahoots

Ways to Say Let’s Hang Out

1- Let’s hang out my Love!

2- What do you say we hang out?

3- Shall we hang out?

4- How about hanging out?

5- I think it is time for us to hang out.

6- What do you say we meet up?

7- Let’s get together and have some fun!

8- It’s time to party!

9- Let’s have some fun!

10- Are you ready to party?

11- I’m all set to have some fun!

12- Come on, let’s party!

13- Let’s have a blast!

14- Are you ready to have some fun?

15- I’m all set to party!

16- Come join the fun!

17- Let’s get this party started!

18- Time to rock & roll!

19- How about getting together?

20- Fancy catching up?

21- Let’s link up.

22- Should we rendezvous sometime soon?

23- Wanna hang out?

24- Want to get coffee sometime soon?

25- Shall we go for a walk?

26- Do you have time to meet up?

27- How about a movie night?

28- What do you say to grabbing some dinner together?

29- Want to spend some time together soon?

30- Shall we meet for lunch sometime this week?

31- Would you like to join me for a game night?

32- Let’s hang out soon!

33- Fancy going for a drive?

34- It is time to have some fun.

35- Are you down to get together?

36- Do you want to chill?

37- Wanna check out a museum or go bowling?

38- What do you say to grab a drink?

39- Fancy going for a hike?

40- Let’s go exploring!

41- Want to meet up and have a picnic?

42- Let’s get together and watch a movie.

43- Are you up for grabbing some food?

44- Fancy going to the beach?

45- How about catching a show together?

46- Wanna hit up an amusement park?

47- Let’s have a game night!

48- It is time to explore the city.

49- Shall we go for a bike ride?

50- What do you say to go window shopping together?

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20 Other Ways to Say Let's Hang Out

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