30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Guy

Funny Ways to Say No To A Guy

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Guy:

  1. Absolutely not, my friend.
  2. Well, ain’t happening, buddy.
  3. Oh, heck no, pal.
  4. Nope, nope, nope, sir.
  5. Sorry, but nah, dude.
  6. Haha, nice try, hombre.
  7. Uhh, no can do, fella.
  8. Oh dear, that’s a no, chap.
  9. In a parallel universe, maybe, mate.
  10. Alas, no way, amigo.
  11. Hold on to your dreams, but nope.
  12. Gotta give that a hard pass, gent.
  13. Ain’t that a unicorn? Nope.
  14. Golly, no siree, mister.
  15. Excuse me while I nope outta here.
  16. Let me think… umm, nope.
  17. Ahoy there, Captain No-way.
  18. Abracadabra! Still no.
  19. Pardon me, but a resounding nope.
  20. Just spotted a flying pig, so no.
  21. On a scale of one to nope, it’s a no.
  22. Is that a bird? Nope, just no.
  23. Ding-dong, who’s there? Not a yes.
  24. Gosh, wouldn’t that be a no.
  25. Tap dancing? Maybe. Saying yes? No.
  26. Eeny, meeny, miny, no.
  27. It’s raining nos, my dude.
  28. Quick poll: unanimous nope!
  29. If wishes were nos, then sure, no.
  30. And the final answer is… drumroll, no!


Funny Ways to Say No To A Date

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Funny Ways to Say No To A Guy