30 Funny Ways to Say What’s Up

Funny Ways to Say What’s Up

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say What’s Up:

  1. What’s crackalackin’?
  2. Any exciting news on Planet You?
  3. How’s the haps in your world?
  4. How’s life in your corner of the matrix?
  5. What’s the word on the street and the tweet?
  6. What’s the scoop, party people?
  7. Tell me the goss, boss!
  8. What’s poppin’ like corn on the cob?
  9. How’s life treating you in the amusement park?
  10. What’s shakin’, bacon?
  11. What’s the 411 on your side of the galaxy?
  12. How’s the adventure in your neck of the woods?
  13. Spill the beans and the tea—what’s new?
  14. What’s cooking, good looking?
  15. Any exciting updates from Camp You?
  16. What’s the sitch, my fellow earthling?
  17. What’s the lowdown in your town?
  18. What’s the buzz, lightyear?
  19. How’s the rollercoaster ride of life treating you?
  20. What’s the holler in your dollar?


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Funny Ways to Say What's Up