30+ Unique Ways to Say Shut Up

Unique Ways to Say Shut Up!

1- Cut the chatter

2- Hit the mute button

3- Put a cork in it

4- Hold your tongue

5- Stop your yapping

6- Put a sock in it

7- Silence is golden

8- Keep quiet

9- Shh

10- Button it

11- Zip it

12- Take a chill pill

13- Hush

14- Move along now

15- Close your lips

16- Don’t you have something else to do?

17- Speak no more

18- Your words are wasted here.

19- I’ve heard enough from you.

20- You’ve talked your fill.

21- I’m not interested in hearing any more.

22- Pipe down

23- Enough of the jabbering

24- Quit yer jawin’

25- Cease and desist

26- Put a lid on it

27- Can the lip flapping

28- Cut to the chase

29- Quash any further discussion

30- Not another word!

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unique ways to say shut up