30+ Funny Ways To Say Goodnight To A Guy

Saying goodnight is a simple yet special way to show someone you care about them, and it can help strengthen the connection between two people. However, expressing your feelings in such a straightforward manner can be intimidating.

But what if we told you there were alternative (and hilarious) ways to ensure he knows how much he’s appreciated? Well, here they are! Keep reading to discover funny, creative phrases that will make him smile before drifting off into dreamland.

30 Funny Ways To Say Goodnight To A Guy

1- Don’t let the bed bugs biteā€¦ and if they do, can I have one?

2- Sleep tight, don’t let the aliens take over your brain.

3- Sweet dreams! And don’t forget to brush your teeth in your sleep.

4- Time for you to go nighty night! Just make sure you turn off your alarm clock first.

5- Sleep well my love and don’t forget to play with the angels.

6- Let’s hope you have sweet dreams about me tonight!

7- Time for your beauty sleep, so close your eyes and drift away.

8- May the stars shine on you as you sleep tonight.

9- I’m wishing you good night in the most unique way.

10- Make sure you close the door to your dreams so no monsters can enter.

11- Dream of all the wonderful things that I’m going to do for you tomorrow.

12- Have sweet dreams and don’t let the fairies steal your pillow.

13- Sleep tight my love, and I’ll be here to wake you up in the morning.

14- Sleep like a bear so that you can hibernate until morning.

15- Enjoy the silence of the night and let your dreams take flight.

16- Time to put on those jammies and go off to dreamland!

17- May this night be full of stars for you to count.

18- May the pillow be soft and the bedbugs stay away.

19- I’m sending you off with a kiss so have sweet dreams tonight!

20- Sleep like you’re royalty because that’s what you are to me.

21- Don’t forget to dream big, my love.

22- Get your beauty rest so you can look as handsome when you wake up in the morning.

23- Goodnight! I hope your dreams are full of sunshine and rainbows.

24- May the moonlight guide your way to sweet dreams tonight.

25- Sweet dreams, my love. I’ll be dreaming of you too.

26- May your dreams bring you the peace and joy that you deserve.

27- Sleep tight, snuggle up with your stuffed animal, and don’t let go!

28- Time to hit the hay, so get ready for some wild adventures in dreamland.

29- Sleep tight, my love and I’ll be there to tuck you in when you wake up.

30- May the stars light up your night and make sure sweet dreams come true.

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Funny Ways To Say Goodnight To A Guy

ways to say goodnight to a guy

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