30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Date

30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Date

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say No To A Date:

  1. I’m in a committed relationship with pizza.
  2. My fish is expecting me.
  3. I’d love to, but… squirrels.
  4. I have a sock reunion!
  5. It’s my plant’s birthday.
  6. Booked a date with Netflix.
  7. I’m undercover that day.
  8. Mermaid lessons tonight!
  9. I’ve got a standing appointment with my couch.
  10. My houseplant needs company.
  11. My unicorn’s feeling clingy.
  12. Couch potato training day.
  13. I’ve got a hot date with my fridge.
  14. It’s my bed’s birthday!
  15. My cat disapproves.
  16. Aliens asked me first.
  17. Stars told me to chill.
  18. My tarot cards said ‘not today’.
  19. Going to a wallpaper convention.
  20. Invisible cloak test day.
  21. Chasing my dreams, literally.
  22. Attending a cereal box reading.
  23. Got a ZOOM call with Bigfoot.
  24. It’s hair washing century!
  25. Teaching my hamster ballet.
  26. Counting the stars, indoors.
  27. Attending a cloud-watching event.
  28. Training for a nap marathon.
  29. Busy chasing rainbows.
  30. Spending quality time with my shadow.


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Funny Ways to Say No To A Date