30 Funny Ways to Say No Comment

30 Funny Ways to Say No Comment

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say No Comment:

  1. I plead the fifth!
  2. Ask my imaginary friend.
  3. Words have left the chat.
  4. My lips are zip-locked!
  5. I’d tell you, but then… you know the rest.
  6. That’s above my pay grade.
  7. Can we phone a friend?
  8. I’m currently comment fasting.
  9. That’s a secret between me and my goldfish.
  10. If I speak, I’m in big trouble.
  11. How about that weather, huh?
  12. I left my opinion in my other pants.
  13. My cat told me not to say.
  14. I’m on a word diet.
  15. Was that a bird I just saw?
  16. Ask again later.
  17. That’s on a need-to-know basis.
  18. Is that a squirrel over there?
  19. Hold on, checking with my brain… Nope!
  20. Let’s spin the mystery wheel again.
  21. Unloading comment… Error!
  22. Mum’s the word!
  23. I’d love to tell you but, ooh, shiny thing!
  24. Next question, please!
  25. Error 404: Comment not found.
  26. Pass!
  27. Let’s consult the magic 8 ball.
  28. Ooh, look, a distraction!
  29. I’ve signed a silence pact.
  30. That’s classified, and I forgot the password.


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