30 Funny Ways to Say Masturbate

30 Funny Ways to Say Masturbate

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Masturbate:

  1. Shaking hands with the president.
  2. Playing five against one.
  3. Choking the chicken.
  4. Polishing the rocket.
  5. Taming the shrew.
  6. Wrestling the eel.
  7. Rolling dice in a one-man craps game.
  8. Adjusting the antenna.
  9. Firing the solo cannon.
  10. Giving the unicorn a bath.
  11. Taking matters into one’s own hands.
  12. Clearing the browser history (literally and figuratively).
  13. Performing a hand solo.
  14. Visiting the self-service station.
  15. Marching to the beat of your own drum.
  16. Playing air guitar naked.
  17. Prepping the carrot for salad.
  18. Rehearsing the two-finger tango.
  19. Shuffling the iPod.
  20. Going on a date with Rosie Palm.
  21. Tickling the pickle.
  22. Stirring the cauldron.
  23. Taking a trip to the men’s spa (or the women’s spa).
  24. Making the bald man cry.
  25. Playing solitaire with a deck of 52 (or just one).
  26. Celebrating Palm Sunday (every day).
  27. Auditioning the finger puppets.
  28. Meeting with Palmela Handerson.
  29. Test firing the old Death Star.
  30. Dialing down the middle.


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