30+ Cute Ways To Say Goodnight Over Text To Your Crush

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Every night, saying goodnight over text to your crush can provide a sense of longing and desire that will stay with both of you until you see each other again. But what do you say? How can you make sure your message stands out from all the rest in their inbox? Let us help!

In this blog post, you will get some creative and adorable ideas for saying goodnight to your crush that is sure to leave them wanting more – so read on for plenty of sweet texting inspiration!

30+ Poetic Ways To Say Goodnight

Cute Ways To Say Goodnight Over Text To Your Crush

1- Sweet dreams, cutie!

2- Sleep tight and dream of me!

3- I hope you have a night filled with sweet thoughts.

4- Goodnight gorgeous.

5- I can’t wait to see you in the morning.

6- Sweet dreams, my love.

7- Wishing you a peaceful and restful night.

8- I hope your dreams are as sweet as you are.

9- Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

10- Sending you lots of love for a goodnight’s sleep.

11- Have an amazing night, beautiful.

12- Sleep tight, cutie.

13- Sweet dreams and lots of hugs.

14- Goodnight, my sweetheart.

15- See you in my dreams.

16- Nighty night, my love.

17- Have a lovely sleep and dream of me!

18- I wish I could be there to tuck you in.

19- Sending you peaceful vibes for a good rest.

20- Goodnight, have a blissful sleep.

21- Sleep tight, my darling.

22- Have a peaceful night of rest.

23- I hope you have sweet dreams tonight!

24- Sweet dreams, my prince/princess.

25- I’ll be dreaming of you tonight.

26- Have a beautiful night, my sweetheart.

27- Sleep tight and wake up feeling refreshed.

28- Don’t forget to smile in your dreams!

29- I can’t wait to be with you tomorrow.

30- Nighty night, gorgeous.

Funny Ways to say GOOD Night

ways to say goodnight over text to your crush

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